Stage play 'Muamma Khatoon' organised in Lucknow

'Muamma Khatoon’ an Urdu word which explains the meaning ‘misunderstanding’. Actually here staged drama ‘Muamma Khatoon’ played at Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium Lucknow adjoining of Bhat Khande, Deemed Music University on Tuesday evening this week.
Saukat Thanvi who is the script writer of this drama which has been, after a lot efforts by the character, played at stage.
Main theme of this drama is based on underrating of female in house by her husband?
The Drama shows how the woman of a house is gauged mere a domestic helper and she faces many taunts for her inability in qualification.
The husband of this woman is a story writer and his writes-up are published in Rishale magazine by his wife’s name, Mrs Asif.
Mr Asif 's poke gives her feelings a pinch when he praises the merits of others wives; while his wife smiles over this assessment view.
Mr Asif is not familiar of his wife’s talent that his wife(Suraiyya) is also a good writer and could get her write-up published in Rishale magazine.
Director Mohd. Fuzail who had got this play organized on stage put a stunning point that the play character were not  from Urdu background while the drama is fully in Urdu language and in colloquial Urdu.

This drama was a production of Azaad theater, Lucknow; and the characters who staged this play; namely, Mr Asif (Aman Sharma), Surraiya Begam(Vinita Singh), Editor Ehsan(Abhay Shukla), Ustani/Bano(Tanya Suri), Mahmood Saheb(Raj Singh Katari), Shamim Saheb(Shubham Bajpai), retinue (Danish Ansari, Sachin Maurya, Aman Sakdhar), postman Sanjeev Kumar.
The stage acting of this drama; character gestures and expressions -- all attract the attention of audience and lure them to clap after every scenes. 

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