Whether PM is going to announce vacancies for employment? as he had promised...

The Union Government bearing in mind of next parliamentary election 2019 is going ahead carefully. However, PM Modi will have to work on the promise he did in last parliamentary election 2014.
The chief of present government, Narendra Modi, had promised in the manifesto of parliamentary election 2014 that one crore employments, Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, removal of Article 370 in J&K, 50% more on input cost to farmers and equal citizen code – all had to be completed during the tenure of government.
 The bigger problem is now the employment and the Modi government has still done nothing much better.
Modi government’s starting three years tenure recorded a decline in giving the jobs if we see the stats of labourcess bureau. During the year 2013, employments 419000; 2014, 421000 and in 2015, 135000 vacancies were advertised for employments. According to the labourcess bureau survey, the rise in unemployment rate was recorded high. Now it is on the verge of top during the 5 years. The survey reports says, the rate of unemployment had been in year 2014, 4.7%; in 2015, 4.9% and in 2016, it was 5%.
The budget is to be submitted in parliament in the month of February, which will be a golden chance to government through that it, by giving the jobs to the youths, can fill the void and can achieve the supportive hands of majority people in the Parliamentary Election 2019. The economists expect that the government is to announce for the jobs in the general budget 2018-19.

The employment was that bigger problem in Gujarat, which weakened PM Modi’s Gujarat model and consequently the government won mere 99 seats of assembly lowest ever. The rural areas seats were less than congress, which concludes that the youths of rural in Gujarat who faced shortage of employment were in big fiasco and the election results were not on hope.

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