Maldives political crisis: Supreme Court asked for India's help

The rift between the Supreme Court and the government of Maldives has pulled on. The situation is that the SC has issued order to arrest President Abdullah Yameen while the president has refused to follow the court order. The army has surrounded the parliament of Maldives. The SC has called upon other democratic countries of the world to help during this political turmoil.
Actually, the supreme court of Maldives on Thursday last week it its verdict had ordered to release the former president, Mohd Nasheed and other accused immediately, but the president, Mohd Yameen, refused the abide the court order.
The court had order to release 12 members of parliament and 9 other political prisoners including Nasheed. The court had said that the resented person must be released because they were facing the litigation politically motivated.
Court has said, “After being complied of court order releasing the prisoners from jail, nothing prevents to carry him an impeachment against them.”
Actually, Abdullah Yameen’s party shall be in short majority after releasing of 12 members of parliament, which has him endangered of an impeachment. It is so because these members of parliament, being left the ruling side, had joined the opposition.
Meanwhile, police have arrested two opposition members of parliament. These MP had returned to country this Monday.
The chief opposition, Maldivian Democratic Party, has said they were not allowed even a meeting. The government used the security force to let not be done a meeting.
Here is a tense situation since long. The armed force have been deployed here in parliament ‘People's Majlis’ since last march as Yameen had ordered to expel the resentful parliamentarian
The government has said, “Any order of supreme court for the arrest of president shall be illegal and unlawful. So the police and security forces have been directed not comply any unlawful order.”
The present opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed was first elected president of Maldives. He was convicted for 13 years imprisonment in the allegation of terror during the year 2015. Abdulah Yameen became the president of Maldives. last Thursday supreme court said in its verdict that the case against Nasheed was politically motivated and ordered to release them. And the court also ordered to release the 12 parliamentarians who had gone to the opposition side.
In case the order of Supreme Court is complied, the present president may have to go. This is the reason why he is denying the order of Supreme Court. In the wake of this situation, the supreme court of Maldives has called upon India to save the democracy and the constitution.

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