Mob lynched tribal man in Kerala

A shameful killing case has been reported from Keral. According to the media, a man was beaten up so ruthlessly that he succumbed to his injuries. Not even that, many people kept on taking selfie. The two people have been arrested in this matter and five others have been detained.
The matter is of Thursday this week. A tribal man, name Madhu, 27, was allegedly an accused of theft. The crowd tied the man’s hands and legs and began him beating. After it the crowd handed over this man to police moribund condition. The local police was taking him to nearby police station meanwhile he began to vomiting on his way to police station. The police rushed him to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.
The chief minister of Keral, Pinarai Vijayan, has expressed his grief over this barbaric incident. He wrote on face book: there no place of such incident in the civilized society. The chief minister took it serious and has ordered to take stern action against the accused.

The reports reveal that Madhu was mental retarded. And he used to come ever at anon in the city. According to the locals, the complaints of stealing the stuffs from the many shops had been imposed over him. The police taking all facts in cognizance is investigating the matter.

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