Nirav and Choksi’ men had the access to the bank computer system: Investigation

The arrested accuseds have disclosed before CBI that every Letter of Understanding was worth of bribe in this scandal. The bribe money was divided into employees according to the fund of LoU. This bribe money was rewarded to among all employees indulged in this activity.
CBI had arrested the former deputy manager GokulNath Shetty, Manoj Kharat and Hemant Bhatt from Nirav Company. Shetty, before his going to superannuation, had issued several LoU to Nirav Choksi’s company so that the company kept on siphoning the fund without any hindrance till one year.
CBI has recovered many important documents from Brady house. CBI has taken the protection of PNB Branch Brady Road Mumbai. The search for documents inside the bank is going on and it shall be continue till Wednesday. Agency has questioned GM including five officers.  This is the branch where the scam was begun from.
The diamonds were the first preference to the scamisters. The collusion between the scamisters and the diamond businessmen is under scanner. Nirav Mehul’s registered companies are being investigated.
Nirav and Choksi’ men had the access to the bank computer system. These men could login swift system from home. These five levels password had been provided by Shetty. The siphoned fund was utilized to the imbursement of banks’ loans, not for the business purpose. Some amount of the fund was used for other business.

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