Prime Minister's statement seems to be electoral affair beyond reality:UP State Congress

UP Congress Committee has said about 'Investors Summit' that Congress Party has been always in favor of development of Country and State; but the manner in which summit's advertising has been done, crore of rupees for this purpose were flown like water and PM praises the CM, the officers and to the police in his speech shows an event, not a Summit.
The State Congress spokesperson, Sanjay Bajpai, has said in his statement, “The way has been told that the1045MoU have been formally agreed and assured of 4 lakh 28 thousands crore investment in the talks if it comes in practical on the State’s ground  it shall be certainly supportive to the State.”
In his remarks at the Summit, the Prime Minister talked about developing the Defense Industrial Corridor in UP is welcomed, but surprising is that none of the Investors talked in Summit’s gathering about the capital investment in defence sector.
The defence deal was done to purchase the Rafale plane and if its production work had been assigned to the HAL Lucknow, it would have been in the favour of state. That Lucknow HAL and Ordinance factory Kanpur, the big units, were established during the tenure of Congress are now being paralysed.
The Prime Minister's statement seems to be an electoral affair beyond reality. The state’s public was interested to hear PM's views on Rafale deal and PNB scam, but the public was disappointed on PM’s arrival at Lucknow.

Bajpai added that not only the former UPA government in centre, by the efforts of Rahul Gandhi, to establish Mega Food Park, Hindustan Paper mill like many small and big industrial factories had got agreed MoU with the state; but all these projects were closed before begun, as the BJP took power in centre.

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