Rafale plane deal: Congress posed 8 questions to Modi government

Randeep Singh Surjewala, spokesperson to INC, said, “There is scam in Rafale deal during Modi government, the security norms are taken easily. The purchasing cost, the violation of defence purchasing process, and the compromise on technology transfer in the national interest are serious matter. The capitalist friends are benefitted by PM.”
He posed 8 questions:
  1. Why did 36 Rafale purchase three times costlier? If Qatar buys 12 Jets at the rate of Rs 694 crore, why does India get it at the rate of 1517 crore? PM tell the country
  2. Why did PM buy 36 planes breaching the process of CNC, PNC, and Price Discovery and Inter government deal?
  3. Why did Modi alone announce to buy 36 planes without the permission of CCS?
  4. The foreign Secretary had said before Modi’s France trip that there would not be any talk on Rafale. What had happened within 48 hours that Modi government’s decision changed?
  5. Rafale was cheaper, Euro Fighter Typhoon said to the then Defence Minister Arun Jaitly that they would sell it in 20% less than Dassalt Company. Why did not PM and defence minister decide it? Why did not again bid call?
  6. The work was to assign to the HAL, a public sector company. Now this work was handed over to a private company of Reliance.
  7. Mere a company of country HAL has the experience to built Jets. why was the deal  handed over to a private company ignoring to HAL.2012
  8. Why did new deal confirm having cancelled of the deal done in 2012? The defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman said that the decision to buy Rafale was in emergency. If it was emergency, why did 35 months later decision was taken? It is told that Jets shall not be delivering 2 to 5 years – which type of emergency is this?

He added, “If our information is wrong, the government must put the real facts, tell the rate. We were buying it at the rate of 526 crore per jet; the government is buying it at the rate of Rs1517 crore as I overheard. The rate is three times of old rate. The Defence Minister is silent; Defence Secretary is tightlipped and there is no information to the parliament.”
Actually, Rafale fighter planes purchasing process was begun in 2010 under the regime of UPA lead congress government, but the deal was not finalized during UPA tenure. The ruling UPA government was out in general election and Narendra Modi led BJP came in power in 2014.
The Rafale deal was signed by India’s Defence Minister, Manohar Parikar, and French counterpart Jya Eve Dariya 36 Rafale fighter plane is to be imported from france under this deal. However 126 planes were to be bought. According to the former defence minister AK Antony, it had been decided that 18 planes would be bought off the shelf and 108 to be built in India.
Now congress has alleged that the purchasing decision of 36 planes by Modi government is one sided base. Congress has alleged that the rules were ignored in the planes purchasing order; even so SCC’s prior permission has not been taken before this deal.
Moreover the media reports claimed that 6 companies planes were to be considered in the tender bid for purchasing the fighter planes advertised, but the Indian Air Force had preferred Rafale telling it better than all.
Now the BJP is in this trouble that the congress has claimed that Modi Ji had gone to Paris in person and had this deal changed there. Second is that 36 planes are purchased in place of 18 and there is no clarification issued from the government? Third is that Congress claimed the price of one plane is Rs 1555 crore while it was to be bought at Rs 428 crore. The congress is targeting the scam in the planes purchasing.
Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has claimed that Prime Minister purchased ignoring the scheduled prices during his France trip. He claimed that a Rafale plane has been purchased at Rs 1570.8 crore during Modi government while its price during UPA was negotiated on Rs 526.1 crore.
Azad claimed that if the fighter plane which Modi negotiated to buy was sold to Qatar at the rate of Rs 694.8 crore, why did france sell it to India at 100% extra rate?

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