Rahul Gandhi suspected scam in Rafale deal

Congress targeted Modi government for the Rafale deal on Monday in New Delhi this week. Cong president Rahul Gandhi has alleged PM Modi for a scam. Rahul said that PM Modi ji, himself, had gone to Paris to negotiate this deal. Why the country is not being told how much this deal was in?

Rahul said, “Why don’t you talk about the Rafale deal? Has it happened ever so that the defence minister says: 'Nothing shall be told about on how much amount Rafale have been bought?'  She will not inform to the country that Modi Ji has patched up."
 he said, "I know you all are scared."

Rahul alleged that Modi Ji changed the deal in Paris. On how much price Rafale planes were bought is not being informed to the country – It means there is some foul play of scam.

The matter was also in limelight at the time of Gujarat Assembly Election.  RK Singh, Energy Minister, during the Gujarat election, had said, “We have bought the plane in Rs 400 crore cheaper than Congress rate." He had said that the formula of Rafale deal was ratified by Congress at the rate Rs1100 crore for one plane; while we bought it in Rs 700 crore per plane. We bought it earliest in the country interest. The deal was in pending since many years, while we needed planes to secure our country.

Mr Jayant Sinha was also in this programme and had said that, if congress suspected of any foul play had been done, why they didn't knock the door of court?

The senior congress leader, Ghulam Nabi Azad, posed the question what was the reason behind it that the government had to decide to buy 36 Rafales in place of 126. The deal was negotiated without the permission of cabinet committee of security.

The Congress asked: How much price of Rafael plane has been paid for? Each Rafael’s cost price was about 526 crore during the tenure of Congress government. The Modi government bought it paying Rs 1517 crore each.  Tell to public, is it true or not.

The defence minister, Nirmala Sita Raman, told to parliament on Monday that the deal was done with France for the fighter plane Rafael that was between the two countries. It has some secret information so the deal negotiation details cannot be expressed publicly.

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