Yogi’s curse on criminals continues; opposition is in restless: BJP

The UP BJP state spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi, has said in a press release Wednesday that the agony of SP Leaders in connection with the encounter of hardcore criminals in UP is reasonable.
Tripathi added that the goons and the criminals had got the protection during the SP tenure. The criminals did not hesitate to shoot the police, but the situations have changed in UP because of strong will of UP CM Yogi ji.
The criminals are in police dragnet. The wanted criminals are being arrested, and those criminals who are daring to open fire on police: police is replying in the same pattern. The public were afraid of those; they are fearful of police today. The criminals are going to surrender.
Tripathi said further that the illegal armed factories in UP had developed like mashroom in the past Akhilesh government.
The 156 illegal factories closure and then bombs and armors were seized after the Yogi government came in power.
Samajwadi party's leaders are in restless after an effective action over crime and criminals.
The SP leaders are targeting the government in House to disguise their fear.The SP leaders who kept on alleging the misuse of CBI are now demanding the CBI inquiry on encounters.
The 1200 encounter cases have been reported so far in UP during the completion of 10 months rule of Yogi Government. These encounters in UP have been an issue in the parliament house. The allegations of Samajwadi Party over these cases are very grave.
Not only the SP party leaders dubbed it a murder in government monitoring, but also they are demanding the CBI inquiry into all the encounters have been executed.
The criminals in UP are in troubles nowadays. The UP police are in action against the criminals. The UP police executed 24 encounters within 72 hours a few days ago, these sent 36 hardcore criminals behind the bar while during these operations, 3 most wanted criminals were killed.
The encounters between the police and the criminals in 15 districts of UP within 3 days have been reported where the 4 encounters have been reported in Shamli; 3, in Bulandshahar while two encounters each in Kanpur, Saharanpur, Muzzafarpur and in state capital, Lucknow. The weapons in large quantity were recovered from the criminals during the encounters.
4 dacoits of Bawaria gang, the equivalent of terror, have been arrested while two others have sustained bullets injuries. Both these are from Bawaria gang. Police finished them who had of 10 to 50 thousands bounty and were the accused of many sensational cases.

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