Akhilesh Yadav: the win is unique in social justice

When SP spokesperson, Rajendra Chaudhary, was asked about Naresh Agarwal joining in BJP, he reacted by coming in front of  Akhilesh's poster:  photograph  by The Bunt Line a day before by poll result declared.
Whether the SP's win is the cause of public denial to the BJP or is the surge of SP and BSP Alliance. The votes in the favour of SP have resulted into the candidates' winning  in the fray by SP in Gorakhpur and Phoolpur parliamentary by-poll.
The crowd of public meetings held by Akhilesh was seemed to be diversion of faith from the saffron. The personality of Akhilesh Yadav is adjustable among the youths. Many Dharnas and demonstrations during SP government were staged in Lucknow and the hearing and talks between ministers and the public got the time of meeting. The funds in the tenure of SP were utilized in the state development.
Gram Panchyats got fund, but it was not spent during the one year tenure of Yogi. Maximum time of one year Yogi’s Government passed to investigate to reform the system which was in running earlier smoothly and the public contacts after coming in power had been in communication gap until six months; mere those who were close to the government were also waiting. The building construction materials rate suddenly had begun to soar and its rates still didn't decline.
The terms and conditions of fund utilization have been toughen, which caused it remained in accounts during one year of this government.
The illiterate and rural public began to feel something is not going right.
The 64% UP rural population have been analysing yet what is UP SUMMIT? The functionaries of government spent huge fund in this programme, but the effect of SUMMIT could not be assimilated among these rural people and nor the advertising of SUMMIT was able to disseminate the benefits in vernacular language.
 As the parties thinkers plan to allure the public; in the same way, the public always remain consistent to plan the system change according to them and it is true that the public become always the winner in this knotty wrestling.
Let’s see the reaction of political leaders
The BJP‘s UP state president, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, reacted on the result of parliamentary by poll in Gorakhpur and Phoolpur Allahabad, said that the result is unexpected. We will review the result. We accept the mandate. He added that the low turnout  in votes percentage was also the cause of adverse results.
 He said the BJP would first review the adverse result and then it would remove the flaws and would gather to work for the election-2019 and would toil  for 2019 and  adding together in better ways to all the groups of the society for new challenges  would work with the party workers' strategy.
The CM of UP, Yogi Adityanath, says, “the over confidence of party was the chief cause for this defeat and we will review it deeply.”
He added, “We were failed to understand effects of tie-up between the SP and the BSP which is incompatible alliance and is the part of bargain for the Rajya sabha election.” the SP is supporting the BSP candidate in the forthcoming Rajyasabha election to be held in the state.
The OBC-Dalit-Muslim votes in Gorakhpur played a big role to win this election. These votes were divisive earlier into small parties like Nishad and peace party.
Nishad party is domineering in the community of this area while the peace party is also popular among the Muslim.
Keshav Prasad Maurya said that the capacity of BSP to transfer its votes in support to the SP candidate is the consequence of SP win in the constituency.
This bypoll win shall unite to make an overall alliance among the secular parties at the national level before the parliamentary general election.
Sonia Gandhi tweeted, “congrats to the winning candidates in this by poll. The result shows that the much resentment against the BJP is among the voters and they shall franchise their votes to the non-BJP candidates who will be able to win. Congress is ready to rebuild UP… this is not possible in a night.”
Dr Sanjay Nishad, Nishad Party;Akhilesh Yadav, former CM; Mohd Ayub Peace Party; behind Praveen Kumar Nishad elected from parliamentary seat Gorakhpur; UP, Nagendra Pratap Singh Patel MP from Phoolpur UP Dr Lohiya Auditorium Lucknow
The SP president, Akhilesh Yadav, said the win is unique in social justice and said thanks to the BJP

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