BJP vows to regain by 65+ formula in 2019; indicates to oppositions to look forward results like BSP.

Suchit Bajpai; Lucknow
The BJP has tried to show a symmetrical image to the excited opposition by the results of the by-polls. The state president of party, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey has said, “The results of by-poll held at Gorakhpur and Phoolpur are unexpected for us; we are ready to work on new strategy after a deep review and pondering.”
The apathy in overconfidence for the win among the party workers and lower turnout in polls are the cause of such unexpected results; consequently our voters did not franchise their votes.
Dr Pandey added, “The opposition got the relaxation of two heaves.” Akhilesh Ji save yours duo! Because it will convert into a heave of sigh during 2019 general election.” it’s true that SP was in fray and the BSP to send its candidate in Rajyasabha had supported SP; but why are the congressmen bouncing while their candidates' surety have been confiscated it looks beyond the comprehension.
The BJP will field its candidates in fray 65+ formula at booth level. Dr Pandey said that the sister, Mayawati, after being discarded constantly by the public has supported to save the cracks on the ground forgetting the guest house incident.
BJP has already presumed that the BSP and the SP is ally of each other. The political stresses of paternal aunt-nephew have exposed the correlation. Once again bargaining of distressed Dalits by SP's goons has been eventually done by the Sister with the SP.
This incompatible alliance is opportunistic merely. The lower turnout that has resulted in the favour of Bua- Babua may extend them a moment of pleasure. The results as it was against the BSP in the parliamentary election 2o14 shall be the far-reaching results cipher even in the favour of SP and Congress.
Dr Pandey has said that the continuous public welfare works by Modi and Yogi Governments shall create atmosphere in the favour BJP in 2019. The SP and the BSP stifling atmosphere over Uttar Pradesh have been ended by the works done like the farmers’ loan waiving, the chance of new employments, the full stop over the corruption and the control over the crimes.
Now Saifai’s prince, the son of Congress and the daughter of wealth including all the opposition are in trap of infatuation and in great pleasure. Leaders of more than 20 parties have declared assuming themselves the self-made-national leaders after the results of two parliamentary elections. The BJP shall be in fray with the 65+ formula at booth level and more than 65% votes shall be in the favour of the BJP at every booth. This strategy of BJP shall open the knot of all alliance.

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