Faizabad Girl's murder suspected many others

Shibbu, the lone accused, has been sent for jail in the teenager murder case under Mawai police station in Faizabad last week. The mere accused in this murder is Shibbu, but the villagers are not ready to accept this murder was committed by Shibbu merely.
The spot where the teenager girl’s dead body found is showing the field crops in the dishevelled condition. This show what had happened on this spot before murdering her. Police is still searching to ascertain other accused involved in this case except one while many high profile men of the district have assured the deceased family for the justice.
 According to the villagers, Shibbu is from poor family and he has been the companion of other friendly boys oftenly.
They says, these boys of Shibbu’s team barged in a home of a teenager village girl four months ago and made her victim of gang-rape.
The villagers solved this crime by the compromise because the accused of this incident belong to the rich family and had her married(Nikah) in a poor family of village.
However this victim girl has to staying in her paternal home today.
Let the statement of this villagers accept, lest the killed teenager girl should have been targeted to make her victim by Shibbu’s wicked-team.
Gang-rape attempt in this case is a big discussion among the villagers. Shamsher Singh,SO, has assured the aggrieved family for the justice and investigation is continued.

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