High Court Himachal Pradesh summoned CBI director in Kotkhai murder case

Whenever the primary investigation of criminal cases in India are suspected some foul-play of biasness, to maintain dignity of any case it is assigned to the most prestigious investigative agency – Central Bureau of Investigation!
One of the cases is of Kotkhai gang-rape and murder of a teenage girl in Himanchal Pradesh last year, which had got momentum of resentment among the public. Now the government has changed and the case status after 9 months is still blank.
 The acting chief justice of Himanchal Pradesh High Court, Sanjey Karol and justice Sandeep Sharma’s bench, heard the case on Wednesday, where the CBI handed over the case status report to the court in a sealed envelope. The court commented on CBI report that the CBI had no evidence. The court is to hear the case further on 18 th April next month.
High Court seeing laxity in the investigation has summoned the CBI director and has order to submit the final report on 18th April on next hearing. The counsel of CBI, advocate, Ansul Banshal, told that the update status report in a sealed envelope has been submitted to the High Court. The counsel added that when the rape murder case was assigned to the CBI, the evidence till then had been destroyed. Now the CBI is following the investigation through the scientific path.
An agitation sparked for the justice of Gudiya’s rape and murder among thousands of people. The chairman of Madad Seva Trust which was constantly demanding the justice for Gudiya had stopped its campaign. According to the chairman, the CBI had claimed to unearth the murderer’s identity till 28th April, but the CBI is still blank hand; consequently the people have lost their confidence over the CBI, which constraints them to withdraw the case.
It is noticeable that the Gudiya’s murder case was handed over to the CBI on 18th July last year. Since then the CBI could not be able to collect any strong evidence. However the CBI had arrested IG, SP including 9 policemen for Suraj’s murder.

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