Journalist killed by truck had exposed Sand Mafia and police collusion

Two journalists have been hit in an incident by four wheelers in Arrah district of Bihar on Sunday evening one day ago. The incident has repeated and this is not at same state, but is in same way. The truck has been seized and Driver has fled from the scene. Superintendent of police, Bhind, in the wake of murder conspiracy suspected, has set up an SIT.
Mr Sandeep Sharma, 35, from Bhind Madhya Pradesh, was going somewhere by his motorbike on Monday morning this week. He was a journalist and the truck ruthlessly has gone over him flatten which was captured in the CCTV footage.  Sandeep was on his side and was going normally. The truck swerved toward Sandeep and then recklessly running over him went to the road side.
It is noticeable that Sandeep had exposed Sand Mafia and police collusion by in a sting operation one year ago. In this operation, a policeman was taking hush money from Sand Mafia.
Meanwhile, a day before of this incident, two motorcycle borne journalists were run over by 4-wheelers (scorpio) on Sunday evening at Nahsi turning under Gadhani area police station at Bhojpur district in Bihar. Both were killed on the spot.
Both journalists are Naveen Nishchal of a news paper and Vijay Singh, of a magazine. Police have arrested Mohammad Harsoo, husband of former village head, on charge of journalists’ murder.
a quarrel had been reported between Mohammad Harsoo and journalist Naveen Nishchal over a news in mid market on Sunday evening . Harsoo had threatened to Naveen a dire consequence. Naveen was returning back with Vijay on motorbike after covering news Ramnavmi’s crowd. both were intercepted on way to destination.
Mohammad Harsoo and his son both by the Scorpio drifted over Naveen’s bike. When both fell down to land, while crushing the injured, both killed them by their 4 -wheelers (Scorpio).  The accused persons were about to escape from there that the villagers got the information and meanwhile they ran towards the spot; burnt the vehicle.

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