Outcry against withdrawing of Muzaffarnagar riot cases

The cases pending against the accused person involved in Muzaffarnagar communal violence to be withdrawn Rihai Manch has dubbed it an open murder.
Manch spokesperson has said that MP Sanjiv Balian and MLA Umesh Malik those who are the accused persons of communal violence and are recommending withdrawing the cases by the Yogi government cannot be so much absurd kidding with the victims of communal violence in Muzaffarnagar.
8 people had been hacked to death in Qutba village under police station Shahpur, Muzzafarnaga in the year 2013 the accused were 110 persons from Qutba village and all of them were Hindus.
 Victims of this riot were Waheed, 70; Shamshad, 65 and his son Irshad 22; Qayyum, 38; Khatoon, 65; Tarabbu, 55; Fayaz, 55 and Momin, 17.
 The chargesheet against 33 accused persons was filed; then 46 more taken on record after the application under section 119.
Mohd. Shueb said that the cases to be withdrawn are kind of serious charges like murders and attempt to murder. It is very shameful that the accused are preparing the list.
He added that the Rihai Manch had case of Muzzafarnagar riots registered at Aminabad police station. He said, "We are monitoring the matter seriously. We will fight till end for the justice."
Rihai Manch paid tribute to the martyrs: Bhagat Singh Rajguru, and Sukhdev. He has said recalling martyrs that the repression of government has increased against the organizations and its activists who lead martyrs legacy.

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