Periyar's statue targeted in Tamilnadu after Lenin's in Tripura: violence reported

That the statue of Periyar, a renowned social reformer in Tamilnadu, has been vandalised became another cause of brawl; while the demolishing of Lenin Statue in Tripura, a communist state since past 25 years recently has lost the election and the BJP led capitalist came in power, became 'an apple of discord' in the state.
Some unidentified person threw petrol bombs on BJP office in Koyambatoor after this incident. The incident was executed early in the morning. The police began the investigation. The office was close when the incident took place, so there has been reported no damage.
It is to notice that the Periyar's statue, a well known social reformer in Tamilnadu, was first targeted on Tuesday. The incident, after a facebook post by the BJP leader, H Raja, had taken place. Mtthukumaran and Francis, two people, had been arrested in the matter of vandalising the Periyar's statue. Mutthukumar is the activist of BJP, as reported. The hammer had been used to break this statue.
Sabotage, arson, manhandling,clash and violence after the BJP’s wining of election in Tripura, a North-East state of India, have been reported. The CPI(M) has dubbed responsible BJP for this violence and in reply, BJP said it’s not their instinct to win by violence.
CrPC section 144 to maintain law and order has been imposed in many areas of Tripura in the wake of violence report. The statue of Vladimir E Lenin had been demolished with the help of Bulldozer in the sub division Belonia of Tripura district. Another statue demolition report came in light on Tuesday this week.

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