Police are now able to maintain confidence among public: BJP

Imagery photo on current statement by Shubhra Singh.

In a statement, Dr Chandra Mohan, BJP’s spokesperson, has told the media that in the leadership of Yogi Adityanath, the BJP government is constantly tracking the remedy to make strong the police system in the state. The entrance gate and the every corners of the police station shall be in the access of CCTV footage, which will support to monitor the behaviour between the police force and the aggrieved person.
     Dr Chandra Mohan has said that, working under guidelines, even the office of DG police has taken an appreciable step for policemen health check up. The kin of police personnel shall get charge free benefits of these health camps.
     The policemen would be able to work with earnestly and he assured that this step would emerge as a reform in the system of the law and order. Many reforms have been implemented in the police force after the BJP government came in power.
     He added that the police have been made friendly accountable with the citizens; while the police have been freed for sternly urging on criminals. The consequence is that the police are now able to maintain a confidence among the public and the criminals are in fear. To make police system more sensible and empowered, the government has directed to deploy women police personnel in police response vehicles of UP 100, which will help the victim women on the spot.
     He said that the CM, Yogi Adityanath, is self monitoring the law and order of state together with solving the problem of police personnel. The police personnel are not only working with the high morale, but also coping with the dedication to control the crime; this is the reason why the law and order is swiftly being maintained in the state.

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