As we talk about art and culture, the name Bhatkhande Sangeet Natak Academy, a deemed University in Kaiserbagh, comes during conversation.
The adjacent building which was established for the purpose of theatre to stage a play is well known Rai Umanath Bali auditorium where the new generations perform play rehearsal.
I visited many times the auditorium when I began to think to know about the difference between stage play and screen play. I have also seen there a unique atmosphere which look different from other places, but I have forbidden to accept the atmosphere sentimentally because once upon I had awakened my inner self to promote my elder son in cricket and joined the stadium, the people of stadium who had a strong hold there had my motorbike theft from stadium... I think they were in apprehension that my son could have rapidly risen in the field of cricket so this entail them to conspire to have theft this motor cycle.
Well, my passage through this stiff incident paved my way of investigation and I do the work and rely on others, but I always tried to know everything about any things and do the cross check.
Yes, every gun has its own tune so I met Mr Rahman Khan. Mr Khan has a shop at Aminabad, well known Rahman Curtain, to carry out his sustenance of family, but Mr Khan has a passion of stage play in theatre which he did not tumble in the age of 67 years.
 Recently Mr Khan had directed a stage play ' Umaro Jaan Adaa'. When i talked how he developed this story, he replied the story is older  and the story in small and big screens had already played so the development of this story is not new; but the question of stage play is some different thing.
He added, "The screen play is directed by someone; the camera works like a pencil; and cameraman gives results as per requirement of director; but when the matter relates to the stage play, the director can prescribe improvements mere before the stage play performed and on stage, the characters of play become self director... there remains no remedy of improvement."
The story Umrao Jaan Adda is base on story written by novelist Haadi Ruswa 150 years ago. The story is fully base on a Muslim girl who was sold after the abduction of teenage innocent girl who was the victim of his father’s witnessing against a criminal. the criminal acquitted from jail after abiding his imprisonment and was on recce; then once he found chance, he gagged the girl  and carried to somewhere else to kill her to satiate his avenge from her father, but his friend suggested him to sell her on ‘Tuwaif Kotha’ to earn the money. He agreed upon and the story found the lead....
Amiran is an innocent girl who lives in Faizabad district. he has a younger brother to whom she loves very much and is beloved of her father and mother. She does have to face ever since scolding of her mother.
The character of Amiran was impersonated by teenage girl Aaradhya Pandey. Dilawarkhan was a criminal who had been jailed after the witnessing of Amiran’s father. He had hatched the conspiracy against Amiran’s father to take his avenge after releasing from the jail. Once he succeeded to achieve his tryst. He caged Amiran in his home by pretending to give her a pigeon .
He was interested to kill her with the help of his friend Pirbux, but on Pirbux's suggestion he sell this girl on Tuwaif Kotha run by Khanam Shahab in Lucknow with the help of brother in law of his friend.
Aradhya Pandey gave satisfactory role and Gaurav Dabra as Dilawarkhan also played his role to transit this story ahead.
Now Amiran was named again on Tawaif Kotha; her name now had become Umrao jaan. Young Umrao Jaan's role was being impersonated by Nishchal Shukla. No doubt this character too was chosen well by Rahman Khan because the stage costume and arrangement was showing the period culture of story.
Nawab Sultan was acquainted to Umrao Jaan by Khan Sahab so Umarao's name was then suffixed by Adaa and Umarao Jaan in unacceptable atmosphere had dedicated herself before the love and affection of Khanam Saheb and Bua Hussaini.
Nawab Sultan’s role was acted by Mohd Fuzail; and Bua Hussaini and Khanam Sahab roles of both were exclusive -- for a moment none could have diverted their heed from the play because the parlance expressions were exact complimentary to the story.
Bismillah Jaan’s role was supporting to the story’s main character. Vinita Singh had played Bismillah Khan role and her dance for Muzra was also worth to see.
The role of Gauhar Mirza played by Shivash Ozha no doubt was supported the play because his role as villain looked like reality.
Mirza Shahab’s role was so humorous and imbued with comedy, which was entertaining the Audience in the theatre.
The play who has seen had tasted real stage play which they had seen already in the movie. The movies are prepared by several corrections; but the stage play is a difficult task; if any jerk in the characters act is observed during play cannot be corrected.
 The play was performed; but its correct assessment can be done by the audience. The audience is interested to spend money in movies and desire to go theatre free of cost so the theatres in Lucknow are surviving anyhow, but the actors who are going from theatres in the movie are starring in Bollywood and Hollywood.
While the audience can see this play on face book ‘buntline’ after publishing this review and can down load photos from


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