Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh visits his parliamentary constituency in Holi Milan Samaroh

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Lucknow at Rajajipuram: photo by Kshitiz Kant
Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Union Home Minister and MP from Lucknow, Rajnath Singh was the chief guest at a Holimilan Samaroh organized at St Joseph Inter College Raja Ji Puram Lucknow on Saturday afternoon this week.
On this occasion he addressed a crowd to participate in this Holimilan Samaroh. he said, “ It's first time to me such programme which Saraswat Ji has performed -- I saw; but the talent which he has cannot be imagined by me. It's sure that he has got bless of god. I am to congrat Saraswat Ji first for his talent richness before going to greet you.”
 He added, “It's the programme of Holi Milan, however I think on every occasion to ensure my presence in Lucknow during every Holi; but Holi Milans have been organising for the past 18 years at my Delhi residence.”

 He said, “At my Delhi residence, many people from adjoining areas Haryana, NCR, and other part of Delhi reach there to celebrate Holi.”
 He said, "Some closeone said me that many people would reach at my Delhi residence and would go back from the door without meeting with me was not correct so It was too hard for me to evade from the Holi Milan crowd at my residence on that day, although I had decided to reach here on the organised Holi Milan and It is in our 4th Assembly Constituency where I am present. I congrats to the people on the pious occasion of Chaitra Navratri."
He added that the BJP government was formed in centre because of  support and confidence in the year 2014. What did and what didn't the government do? The discussion by opposition can be done merely on this issue, but I claims that none of our ministers has been caught or contemplated in corruption cases during our 4 years tenure. None can suspect on our PM's intention.
Whether anyone may be how much learned educationist or be a knowledgeable man of international issues he cannot be able to even deny that the India's image has emerged at international level.
It’s first time post independence that not only Indian but also at the international level economist have begun to say that the Indian economy is growing rapidly.
All these achievements are not less; our GDP is too growing rapidly than other countries of the world. Even the experts say that our gross domestic production development rate shall reach into two digits, or it may be 10, within next few years.
Whatever the exception are spreaded that should not adversely affect over the morale of our party workers.
 He said, " So far as it is the question of border security or the security of country... brothers and sisters, India has not been any tendency of dominating and never tried to invade over, or capture to, any countries of the world... but if any one tries to trespass into and weak to our territories or borders of our country to capture, I assure with confidence... that we will protect to our mother land from inside and going even outside to the borders as per need. "
 He added, "Some banks fraud cases surfaced recently. Nirav Modi, Choksi, and Malya who have escaped to abroad... opposition began to say that the BJP government helped them to escape from the country... I want to ask... who was behind them to lend these fund? The discussion of NPA whatever is going on today... is the discussion of due to the recommended loans. This is the first government which has introduced an Fugitive Economic Offender Bill in parliament... meant who fled from the country after having economic offence... their movable and immovable assets and wealth shall be seized by the government."

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