Yogi's curse on criminals torments innocent family

 BY Kshitiz Kant
 A teenage boy was shot dead in an encounter by the police on Republic Day this year in district Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh, and his family members are staging Dharna at Laxman Mela Maidan in Lucknow for the justice in protest against this execution.
Mukesh  Kumar Rajbhar, 17 1/2    resident of village Mutkallipur district Azamgarh UP working  as domestic helper to the bandit queen, Seema Yadav,  was  allegedly lifted from a shop Kanpur by UP STF on 26th January this year.

Actually police had quenched its failure by Mukesh Rajbhar's fake encounter, claimed Seema Yadav.
What is story according to Seema Yadav told the media?
In January this year exactly before this execution, two motorbike borne assailants had attacked prison police guard who had succumbed to his injuries.  The police was on back foot after this incident. The police was not able to nab the real accused; but after this encounter, the police was in position to maintain its credibility and appreciation.
 According to Seema, the encounter is fake. Mukesh Kumar Rajbhar had been working for the past 9 months as a domestic help (14 months old baby care and her property dealing work) on salary of  Rs 6000 per month. His perks which he earned helped his parent’s livelihood. He was from a poor family; even there is no cemented roof on his house today. Police told him carried bounty Rs 50000, but he had had no such heinous cases of crime.

Seema Yadav, a bandit queen and now a social worker, also claimed, “When police lifted Mukesh Rajbhar from Kanpur Rural on 26th January morning, how is it possible to have looted the petrol pump on 27th January in Azamgarh? Seema told, “On 26th January Mukesh had gone on to a walk for my baby after hoisting the National flag around 9'o’clock morning of R-day. Police lifted Mukesh from there on a black car and shot him next day in an encounter.”
While the bunt line tried to contact Seema Yadav on phone, but it was switched off.
Police to media
A police spokesperson said the personnel fired in self-defence after the criminals, who were on a motorcycle, fired at the police team that had intercepted them during routine checking.
 He was a history-sheeter with eight criminal cases, including those pertaining to theft and murder, registered against him in several police stations in the district and carried a bounty of 50,000, police said.
A police constable was injured in this exchange of fire, while the accomplice of the deceased criminal managed to flee in the darkness. The police recovered a 9mm pistol, three live and a used cartridges and a motorcycle, as police claimed.
According to reports, acting on a tip off the police had started checking drive near Chhatwara turning at the incident night. The encounter took place near Haluadih petrol pump around 11:30pm when police tried to stop two suspicious looking persons on a motorcycle. They opened fire in which a constable Udaybahan was injured. In retaliatory firing one of the miscreants also sustained gunshot, while his aide succeeded in fleeing from the scene.
Mukesh Rajbhar’s name in most notorious criminal list was not enlisted till 22nd January, and the statement of police that mobile phones were used by the prisoners in the jail seems to be ironical because the communication systems are not allowed in the jail. If it is so the matter is worth to be investigated.
The encounter is of late evening on 27th January. In a press conference, SP Ajay Kumar Sahani, told to the media, “the police, when Mukesh Rajbhar had shot at Maan Singh Yadav, a jail security personnel, outside at his government residence in the jail premises on 22nd January, spotted the criminal by concluding through many mobile phones which they had seized during a search operation in the jail."
SP had announced the bounty worth of Rs 25 thousand each, but the matter was the prestige of police department so the reward was increased up to 50 thousand each.
He had also disclosed that Dharmendra Pasi, in jail and resident of Devara village under Raunapar police station, was chatting on mobile phone 22nd January. Dharmendra's phone was snatched by Maan Singh this noon while he was talking.
Meanwhile frowned Dharmendra, with the help of another Krishnanand Vishwkarma, a local resident of Kharihani village under police station Tarawa, said to Mukesh Rajbhar to teach a lesson to this jail security constable.  
On same day, Mukesh Rajbhar hatched the conspiracy with Akhilesh Yadav resident of Mohiuddinpur village under Gambhirpur police station and shot at Maan Singh. Aftermath of this incident, a police search operation carried out in the jail and 18 mobiles with 5 SIM cards were recovered. The call details of these reveal the involvement of Mukesh Rajbhar.
Police allegedly recovered the mobile phones and SIMs inside the jail, but the administration has yet to contemplate it to be looked into while the premises remains ban for the use of prisoners.
How many cases of murders and loots had been registered in the district or other police stations have not been yet disclosed; but the media in April 2016 had published a list of notorious criminals of UP; namely it had 20 which had not enlisted the name of Mukesh Rajbhar.
The village head of Mutkallipur, Jitendra Kumar, said about Mukesh Rajbhar, “The boy was not a history-sheeter or no such criminal activities he had ever done in the district. The auto lifting case on 18 August 2016 had police registered against unidentified person and then Mukesh, 16, was booked under sections 411, 379 and sent to jail by Azamgarh police picking him from Bazar in the past. The day when he was allegedly killed was not present in the village.”  Village head also admits that Mukesh was present in Kanpur 366 kilometer away from Azamgarh.
The boy was teenager and only earning member of his family. His family members have claimed that he had no skill how to drive the motorbike. Yet his son was booked for auto lifting.
Mukesh Rajbhar’s family is continued to stage a Dharna under Rajbhar Adhikar Manch demanding CBI investigation in this matter.

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