Commitment of 2 crore jobs proved BJP's empty slogan: Akhilesh Yadav, former CMUP

The National President of Samajwadi Party and the former Chief Minister of UP, Mr Akhilesh Yadav, addressed to a meeting held here to the office bearers of students' unions who came to submit a memorandum for the demand of implementing the identical laws in all the central universities and said on the plight of students' victimisation how the students, differing of views from BJP Yuva Morcha, are being harassed?
He added that the new generations’ futures are going to be ruin. The BJP is reluctant the young to be educated and prospers. The talks about Digital India, Stand-up India, and Make-in India are constantly in propaganda; consequently there are no benefits in flow to the needy. The BJP projects such dream which cannot be come true in reality.
 “2 crore of jobs opportunities were assured to provide the youths during the election , but the 4 years tenure of Union Government indicates no employment. The youths are wandering on road. The employment is big problem today. What is the meaning of nationalism without the opportunities of building of nation to the youths? It has proved BJP's empty slogan”, he said.
The democracy today is under the cloud of crises by the policies of BJP. The free and fair elections are in doubt about EVM. The election to be held through ballot papers is the demand of today. He said that the time has gone so far that the information cannot be gagged. None can put others under the cheats. How much the BJP tries, but cannot deceive the young generation.     
He added that the basic infrastructure must be fulfilled for the progress of country. The progress of new generation is about to appear mere in new system. He said that the parliamentary election 2019 and the assembly election 2022 shall determine the future of new generation.
Vivek Kumar Yadav told that the land of 764 acres at Govardhanpur where the BHU was established had been given by my forefather. When he was registering the membership of Samajwadi Chhatra Sabha, he was booked under fake case. The BJP says that only saffron shall remain in university.
In this memorandum, the students’ leaders of Allahabad University, Banaras Hindu University and Kashi Vidya Pit have demanded that the rights and rules must be uniform in the central universities. There should be slashed in fees. The hostel’s seat must be increased. There should be uniform syllabus system in all universities. The recruitments on the vacancies in various departments should be filled. There should be tough law against the women’ violence and rape and the communal riots should be ended.

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