People are frustrated and angry with gang-rape and murder: Congress


A woman was raped in Unnao district, 50 Kilometer away from state capital of Uttar Pradesh, and her father died in police custody -- both the incidents are in limelight; while the brutal murder and gang-rape report of 8 years old girl from nomad community of Kathua district in J&K has also stand a front of protest around the country; rather the opposition parties are constantly targeting to the BJP and its allied parties.
On the behest of congress state president, Raj Babar, the congress activists organized a candle march in Lucknow Hajratganj area on Friday evening this week. The overcrowded march ended at Gandhi Pratima Sthal Hajratganj Lucknow.
The crowd expressed the condolence and paid their tribute to the deceased by keeping 2 minutes silence.
They also prayed with God to confer an affirmative mind set-up to the Government of Uttar Pradesh and the government of J&K for taking stern action against the accused persons.
Mr Krishn Kant, congress spokesperson, has said in a statement that the national-wide candle March programmes have been organised. The union and the state government both have been failed to provide the protection to the women. The BJP shouts slogans ‘Beti Bchao, Beti Padhao’; now is being asked by the public that ‘Betiya Bachengi, Tabhi To Padhengi’ (the daughters shall be safe, then they will be able to go school).
He said that the public now began to hide their daughters. That the high court had to direct the BJP government to take action is very shameful situation to the democratic elected government.
Besides the Unnao rape in UP, the gang-rape and brutal murder case of 8 years girl from the nomad community in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, is in limelight.
The incident had resulted in widespread anger across Jammu and Kashmir. Following protests by members of the opposition, the state government handed over the investigation to the Crime Branch of the state police.
The chargesheet by police filed in this matter reveals the brutality committed with the girl. According to the media, the charge sheet says that the girl was restrained in a temple.
The drugs were administered her to quiet during this period and then rape was attempted many times. Asifa, 8, was from Bakarwal community. It is a nomad Muslim community.
 When the horses were being grazed by her near home, Asifa was abducted from from Kathua district of Jammu on 10 January this year.
 Sanji Ram, a retired officer of revenue board, had hatched the conspiracy to commit the offence, according to the chargesheet filed by J&K police and crime branch.
According to the report, Sanji Ram had hatched this conspiracy to maintain a fear among Bakarwal community, so that they go away leaving the village forever.
He proposed this work his nephew who is school dropout. The 8 persons have been chargesheeted in this case so far. 8 of them are: Sanji Ram, his nephew, son Vishal Jangotra, nephew’s friend, a police sub-inspector, a head constable and two special police officers. 
The accused nephew was told earlier underage, however the DNA test found his potency age 19 years.
 The chargesheet reveals that he had asked to Sanji Ram’s son, Vishal Jangotra, on phone if he was interested to couple with someone, he could have reached to Kathua. Vishal was then in Meerut.
There are allegations over the police that they tried to destroy the evidence of this crime, and had taken the bribe from the accused in lieu of concealing the whole matter.
According to chargesheet, the temple where the girl was confined is known, Devisthan; and Sanji Ram is manager of this temple. After carrying the girl in temple, she was drugged to keep quiet and gang-raped repeatedly.
She was restrained by nephew in the temple on 14 th January, before the strangulation. This was done so that another accused was intending to rape the girl. On 17th January, Asifa’s body was recovered afar forest from Devisthan.
Whatever the result of investigation comes, but it is confirm that the crime had been committed by these 8 persons.
The investigators with the forensic experts and the first class magistrate had visited the spot. They had inspected Devisthan including places linked with the incident. During the visit, they found the hair strands and blood stain on the wooden stick.
Some hairs recovered from Devisthan and that forest where the girl’s deadbody was dumpped. Later the few hairs were sent to New Delhi for DNA test. One sample has matched with Asifa’s DNA.

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