Rahul Gandhi: "Ticket reward only for toiling men "

Now the days of active politics during the election period has gone. The leaders have to perform in politics during 24x7. The congress party also will have to adopt the remedy of sweat trickling to reach in the public contact. Rahul Gandhi is also intended to look this mindset morale in the party at every level.
A difference was observed after taking the charge of party president post. A crowd of leaders which could be seen at 24 Akbar Road congress head quarter cannot be seen now. Most of the leaders are toiling in the field or constituencies. The message from high command is clear whoever will perform shall be rewarded.
In the spotlight of Karnatka assembly election, Congress is going to launch a Mission 2019 from April 29. Rahul Gandhi is to address this day Jan Akrosh rally at this historical Ramleela Maidan New Delhi. Rahul Gandhi shall set up tone of congress mission for the parliamentary election 2019 by the lashing out over the failure of Narendra Modi Government. On this occasion, the state congress committee chiefs shall be given nodal signal so that they can begin their work on strategy of initial blueprint in the state.
According to the sources, the congress has began searching of efficient candidates for the parliamentary election 2019. the presidents of sate congress committee are trying with their heart and soul for this work. the high command has advised them to prepare a tentative list of candidates. it also has been directed that before finalizing the candidates name, they must focus over to ensure the efficiency of  candidates' winning.
As Rahul Gandhi had said during the party session, the devoted party workers shall be given priority while selecting the candidates, complying the directives of high command, KC Venugopal said, Congress party incharge for Karnataka.
Uttam Kumar Reddy, state congress committee president (Telangana), said the state level leadership of party by the survey and journey is assessing the efficiency of tentative candidates in every district. He will request with the congress high command that the name of candidates should be announced 6 months before of election.
Rajeev Satav, Gujarat Congress Party in charge and MP, says that the strategy for the next round has been prepared for the campaign. He says that during Nav Sarjan Yatra in the last Gujarat Assembly Election, every work is being disposed by the professional way. Satav says, “We have already completed our journey in the state. We know the ground reality after Nav Sarjan Yatra. we are going to begin our next round campaign that will have the fervor of agitation. The issues which are being faced by the people are to be protested against at from block to assembly level.”
Rahul Gandhi is trying to reach among the people by Jan Ashirvad Yatra. taking the impetus by this concept, the state congress committees’ chief and other senior leaders will start their journeys from April 29th.
The senior congress leaders in Madhya Pradesh are already continued on campaign by Nyay Yatra. Bhupinder Singh Hudda, former CM of Haryana, is going to begin Jan Kranti Yatra from Pani Pat in May. Hudda says, “Whatever the BJP promised did not complete. The people have been resented over these issues. I shall begin Jan Kranti Yatra in May after meeting with congress president on April 29. The motive is to reach among a huge people’s community.”
Uttam Kumar Reddy is going to begin a journey next month in Telangana by bus. This will help to know what the people at grassroots level think. This journey will help to know the efficiency of candidates.
MM Hassan, president of Congress Kerla Unit, has already begun Janmochna Yatra. the ruling BJP with the left are being targeted.
Venu Gopal says that Rahul Gandhi’s journey model has resulted affirmatively. by this way minimum expense have given bigger achievement in public contacts. This remedy has worked like a bridge not only for the contact among the people, but filled also the gap between the party workers.

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