Theatre's booking charge added with GST; artists protest on path

Suchit Bajpai;Lucknow
The Theatre and Film Association UP staged a Dharna in protest against the GST imposed on the rental charge of theatre booking. Dharna was organised at Sardar Patel's statue Hajratganj Lucknow on Saturday noon this week.
The artists and the TAFWA members were present during this Dharna. Mr Dabir Siddiqui, General Secretary, has told the reporter that the government, instead of maintaining the weathered theatre of this city, imposed the GST over the theatres’ booking, has taken a step to eliminate the arts.
Mr Rajvir Ratan, senior artist and patron of TAFWA, said, " None of the state government's policies is art supportive, and on the other hand the non-commercial art theatres which have been kept alive the heritage of art and culture in Lucknow so far  have been added into the list of GST that has hampered the future stage play.”
Mr Anil Mishra said that the organisation lack of funds have difficulties to prepare a stage play. Now it is a new difficulty which has been capped on us. The government is adamant to eliminate instead of bolstering the cultural programmes. We condemned this step of government and demanded to save the heritage of culture.

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