University campus lacked medical help; emergency need caused death

Suchit Bajpai;Lucknow
A girl, 22, student of BEd 1st year, resident of girls’ hostel room number 218, committed suicide at DSMRU on Thursday evening this week. Parul Singh committed this attempt by hanging herself from the grill of windows.
The door of her room was bolted and other girls tried the door to be opened, but getting no response, they called the care-taker and guard outside the room.
According to the students' witnessing, they told to PRESSMEN that the guard and the care-taker both showed no hurry even though they were aware of some foul. The students told that the guard and the care-taker forbidden to comply the help till the arrival of hostel warden.
The girls, broken the door, got entry into the room anyhow. They found Parul's hang by her scarf. The girls got her down and check her breathing that was reviving.
They call the ambulance to rush her to the nearby hospital, but the  ambulance service did not reach the spot; so they all rushed her hospital B-HOPE by other means of transport where they were told the case was serious.
The girl had need of Oxygen. The girl was referred to Era hospital, but the girl succumbed to her suicidal attempt when this life distance could not be covered by the vehicle at the hour of her need.
The cause behind her death is not clear yet, but the resentment among the students sparked after her death. The students staged a Dharna at University gate. They were shouting slogans against the university administration. No suicide note was recovered from the spot.
The outrage students used stones and damage the university property, the administration told The Pressmen; but the students denied these allegations and said it false framing. This vandalizing has been done by unidentified persons. The students are protesting against the laxity which caused a death in the absence of treatment at campus level

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