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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Natsamrat review

By on Saturday, May 26, 2018

ALOK CHATERJEE AND RASHMI MAJUMDAR as Ganpat Rao Welvalkar, Natsamrat, and Kavery respectively at Sangeet Naty Academy Sant Gadge Auditorium Lucknow on May 24 this week -- photo by Kshitiz Kant, THE BUNT LINE

Natsamrat, Yes, it is the story of a stage play actor who had been a main actor in every of hundred plays; consequently, he was bestowed the title of Natsamrat on stage; then he took his superannuation from the world of play.
A fatigue man goes upstairs of stage; appears in front of the raising curtain; and offers the flowers of worship on it, disguising himself in the wrapped Saries.
This man wears black cap in his head, Nehru style; begins his conversation with the convincing audience while introducing his family members or other stage players.
The story begins with the dispensing of his accumulated meager cash he earned during his many stage plays.
As he handed over his Rs 40000 to his son and gives the cheque to his son-in-law for his Germany visit; his wife, Sarkar, says premonition that let the man may assign his all assets to his beloved and close one dearest, but never hands over his own mat beneath wherever he sat.
Play plot is based upon the story written by VV Shirvadkar; the director of this play was Jayant Deshmukh; and it was first in Lucknow on invitation by Rang Pakhi organization dedicated to the stage play. The story was translated from Marathi to Hindi by Sachchida Nand Joshi.
Alok Chaterjee was in role above 60,played his vital acting role as Ganpat Rao Welvalkar. His soliloquies on stage in pitch voice were attracting every audience. The estimation of touch to heart could be reckoned on the clapping of presence repeatedly.
The lethargic walk on stage with his old age wife, named Sarkar, impersonated like very emergence of reality.
Kavery Welvalkar (Rashmi Majumdar), in wife role, was in her complementary with her husband; and the reality of stage was like at an actual performance.
The son Nandan, Harsh Mishr, was most obedient of his parent, but his daughter Laddo (Angel), approached to Ganpat Rao to share her pleasure story of school event where a VIP guest had talked with this girl on her stage performance and asked about her training man who had given her; she replied him -- by Ganpat Rao Welvalkar! Natsamrat.
The autolatry guestman who well acquainted with NatSamrat says to the girl: “say  my respectful gratitude and compliment to Walvelkar ji.”
Capricious Walvelkar, as he had pledged to this girl to act an abusive scene, and he starts in high voice his verses; his daughter- in-law, without knowing the event, intercepted Walvelkar and began to insult him absurdly speaking filthy talks.
 Sarda (Priyanka Garg), played her daughter in law role excellent.
The saddened by Sarda’s behavior,  both Kavery and Walvelkar leave their home and were assured of better days with her daughter, Nalini(Anjali Singh).they go to her home.
They live at her home for a few months; then Walvelkar is suspected that the money saved in the cupboard was stolen, which shocks Kavery and she dies of heartfell. Natsamrat leaves her daughter's home in the resent and grief and began to wandering on road as a vagabond.
Raja (Ansh Payan Sinha), played role as street tea seller, gives shelter to Walvelkar.
Walvelkar’s daughter and son both eventually search him through Vithobaa and request to return with them, but Walvelkar dismisses their rights of carrying him back and dies on the stage.
The play is based on the story of present scenario of behaviors among the culture, which has detached them from their reverence to their elders, but this story’s message is now secondary; first is the play characters who had no retake performed this play flawlessly on stage of Sangeet Natak Academy at Sant Gadge Auditorium Lucknow this week on May 24.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

9 protesters killed in police firing at Tamilnadu

By on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

9 agitated people were killed and many injured in a police firing during a rally at Tamilnadu Tuesday this week. The rally was called for the closing of Sterlite Copper Plant at Tuticorin. Sterlite is a co-company of Vedanta Group.
 According to report, the protestors began the stone pelting; police began Lathicharge; then fired Tear Gas Shell. When the situation had gone out of control, the police opened fire at protestors’ mob.
The outrage crowd turtled a police vehicle; the sabotage of vehicles has been reported, and the parked vehicles nearby have been burnt. The damages of vehicles have been identified. All vehicles belong to the state revenue department. The building glasses were shattered after the protestors stone throwing.
The section 144 has been imposed at south Tuticorin and in the nearby areas after the violence
The gathering of 5 or more peoples, rally or general meeting, the crowd march, fierce arms or march with the flags and the vehicles utilization for the protest have been restricted in the district. The injured have been rushed to the Tuticorin Medical College.
The death toll may rise now more. The protesters say that the plant is the cause of pollution; and the company has announced recently its extension.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

First alumni meet of sociology department organised at University of Lucknow

By on Sunday, May 20, 2018

Last 50 years first alumni meet held at Lucknow University on Sunday: photo source University of Lucknow
A gathering of alumni since last of 50 years from Sociology Department at University of Lucknow was held at RK Mukherjee auditorium on Sunday this week. It was the first alumni meet of sociology department organised at Lucknow University campus on the behest of Professor DR Sahu, head of Sociology department.
Dr Abha Awasthi, ex-head of department; Dr RK Katiyar, ex-principal Saket; Dr SC Shukla, ex-principal Gorakhpur; Prof Jayswal; Prof AK Srivastav, ex-head of department; and many other former students -- all were present on this occasion.
Many of the students assured the department to contribute in all the respective need. One of the students, and the MLA(Mallawa) in the present UP Assembly, has also assured to the department that he shall provide all the possible help to the department.
A former student of 1992-1994 batches, Siya Ram Jaiswal, pledged to contribute an electric generator to the department. A student of same batch, Mr Pramod Kumar Tripathi, has assured the department to provide all the expense incurred during the study of a poor student. Dr Lata, professor Meerut college, said to initiate a medal distribution on her mother name for the PG topper student in sociology.
Many other former students have committed to contribute for the renovation of AK Mukherji auditorium, and one of these, Mr Dharmendra Bishen has taken responsibility to give memento to all alumni gathering in future.

BS Yeddyurappa resigns as Chief Minister ahead a minutes of trust votes

By on Sunday, May 20, 2018

The BS Yeddyurappa led BJP government in Karnataka has gone before the trust votes take in Assembly floor test. 
The test failed to Yeddyurappa is said because the monitoring role of Congress' MLAs was very sincere, and that the duty done for success is in the spotlight now indicates one man – name, DK Shivkumar! 
It is noticeable that DK Shivkumar is the man who had harboured the Congress MLAs in Karnataka during Gujarat Assembly election result declared.
The failure of Yedurrappa was so because Congress MLAs were not fixed ably by the BJP to leak into the trust votes. The BJP needed 7 more MLAs short to its majority to prove the trust votes on the House floor. 
The MLAs of congress and JDS were held under full protection away from the BJP team. The BJP leaders were seen to be failed to connect with the Congress MLAs. DK Shivkumar played a daring role to protect the Congress and the JDS MLAs.
DK Shivkumar has made failed all the remedies and strategies of BJP's access up to  MLAs of the Congress and JDS. He had planned all the strategies for plying of MLAs from and their stay at hotel.
The preparation to protect the MLAs from the BJP had been chalked out a plan. The Congress had all its MLAs signed within 24 hours of result declared. 
All the MLAs were put under scanner then. The command of MLAs  had been taken by DK Shivkumar to protect them from the affinity of BJP team. Initially they were stayed in his resort.
Exactly after BS Yeddyurappa’s taking oath as chief minister of Karnatka, congress shifted its MLAs to Hyderabad, and the congress leaders at New Delhi, changing this matter into the law base wrestling, knocking the door of Supreme Court. 
The apex court fixed time frame of 24 hours to carry the floor test of majority in the Assembly on May 19.
Next day Congress brought them back to Bengaluru from Hyderabad. The MLAs of Congress were properly monitored. DK Shivkumar instructed to the MLAs before going to the Assembly House and said that none of our MLAs would talk with the BJP’s MLAs. 
No reaction of reply is to act even on being poked by the BJP’s MLAs, nor have we to quarrel.
Congress MLAs reached in Assembly when the House began. The Congress MLAs had no instruction for leaving the House on being postponed the Assembly during the lunch hour.
After the oath taking when the house was adjourned for two hours on lunch time; in the wake of this, no Congress MLAs went out; they were delivered the lunch packet at their table.
The BJP was failed desirably to connect the Congress MLAs under this strategy; consequently disappeared MLAs Pratap Gauda Patil and Anand Singh both be back in the House. The congress leaders had them put under their monitoring; had them mealed; and had them sat beside.
Janata Dal-Secular leader H D Kumaraswamy today said the Congress-JDS combine was not in a hurry and was awaiting an invitation from the Karnataka governor for government formation in the state. 
"We are not in a hurry. We are waiting for an invitation from the governor," he told reporters, soon after the BJP's B S Yeddyurappa announced his decision to quit as Karnataka chief minister without facing the vote of confidence in the assembly.
Asked about the future course of action, Kumaraswamy said the leaders of the Congress and the JD-S would sit together and take a decision on it.
The Congress has already categorically stated that it will be a Kumaraswamy-headed government in the southern state.
The May 12 Karnataka assembly polls threw up a hung assembly, with the BJP emerging as the single-largest party with a tally of 104 seats, but falling short of a majority.
The Congress-JD(S) combine has staked the claim with the governor to form the government, saying they have 117 MLAs in the 224-member House, with an effective strength of 221.
Polling for two seats was not held due to various reasons, while Kumaraswamy won from two places.
The Supreme Court had yesterday ordered a floor test in the Karnataka assembly at 4 pm today, drastically slashing the 15-day window given by Governor Vajubhai Vala to Yeddyurappa to prove his majority.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Flow of politics and Natural Voice of Democracy

By on Friday, May 18, 2018

The BJP is still toiling to prove it majority in Assembly. Congress and JDS both parties are also trying to have their MLA unite, but how long will they be able to do so is not clear.
Congress MLA, Anand Singh, has left the party. He has communicated about his resignation to the party. It is clear that if he has resigned, it will tend to help BJP to prove its majority.
Now the congress and the JDS both parties head can shift the MLAs somewhere else from Bengluru tonight. The JDS MLAs are stayed at Shangri-la hotel and Congress MLAs will stay in Crown plaza hotel
Asenior leader of congress said, "Where the MLAs will halt shall be decided in the meeting to be held at 8 PM". He said that the MLAs can be carried either to Andhra Pradesh, Vshakhapatnam, Punjab, and Kocchi or President house new Delhi.
The MLAs of Congress Party are in Ellington resort at Bengluru. 2-3 MLAs have left the party so far. Where the resort is situated, the officers have been changed. Even Yedurappa Government has transferred the SP of district Ram Nagar.
Many political events happened after the declaration of Assembly election results in Karnatka. Nomatter, on Wednesday night, while hearing  the apex court denied to stay to the swearing-in of BSYedurrappa, but the court was not satisfied with the argument of the BJP.
Congress knocked the Supreme Court's door on Wednesday midnight for this matter when the governor Vajubhaivala sent invitation to the BJP to form the government in Karnataka. The counsel of Congress and the counsels of Government both side argued whole night. The triple judges bench heard the case from both side and then predawn announced the judgment that BSYedurappa will take oath
The case was heard by the bench of Justice Ashok Bhushan, Justice Arjan Kumar Sikari and Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde. Additional Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta and Attorney General, KK Venugopal appeared on behalf of Union Government. Former Attorney General, Mukul Rohatgi, appeared for the BJP and Manu Singhavi appeared for Congress.
The counsel for Union Government contended before the Apex Court that  the Anti defection law is not applicable  to the  newly MLAs for Karntaka Assembly because they do not have their oaths so far.
This argument was dubbed 'rubbish' and the court said, “ It means to invite the MLAs for the purpose of horse trading.”
Abhishekh Manu Singhvi contended before the Apex Court that the BJP cannot claim its majority unless it promotes the defection among the MLAs.
The court has said that the matter will be seen under Anti-defection Law.
KK Venugopal said that it is no compulsory that so be it.  If a member joins other party, the defection is said then. Unless the MLAs take oath of his post, the Anti-defection Law cannot be applicable over them.
Supreme Court denied the stay of swearing in ceremony of BSYedurrappa, but the bench was not satisfied with the argument. After hearing the argument, the court posed questioned, “Whether you mean that the MLAs can follow the defection process before the oath.” The court was wondered over the BJP’s achieving the majority figure of 112.
Abhishek Manu Singhvi stressed, “The governor cannot deny the democracy…. on the first side 104 members exist and on the other, 116… it is comprehensible, which figure is bigger?” how Yedurappa is claiming more than half of MLAs are supporting. Court said that it had not seen the letter of support entrusted to governor, but to call Yedurappa for the government formation is not correct under the current mathematical calculation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

18 people died; many feared to be trapped under construction bridge collapsed in Varanasi

By on Wednesday, May 16, 2018
At least 18 people have died and several are feared to be trapped after a portion of an under construction flyover's slab collapse in Varanasi(Eastern district), 300 KM away from the state capital of Uttar Pradesh. Two pillars of the under construction flyover collapsed in Varanasi's Cantt area, bringing a huge slab of concrete down, crushing cars and a local bus plying under it
Three people have been pulled out of the debris. Many of those trapped are reported to be labourers who were working for the flyover.
Five teams of the National Disaster Response Force or NDRF have been deployed to lead the rescue operations. Dozens of policemen are also present at the spot with the locals.
Eight cranes are being used to try to lift the debris of slabs and a crane with a 200 tonne lifting capacity is also being called in.
Officials say gas cutters are being used and the first priority is to pull out those who are under its trap.
An eyewitness, who was 50 metres from the collapse site, said the help came in after an hour. "Four cars, an auto-rickshaw and a minibus were crushed by it... The help came after an hour," the eyewitness said.
The flyover, 2261 metres in length and at a cost of Rs. 129 crore, was being built by the Uttar Pradesh State Bridge Corporation and 56 per cent construction had been completed. The portion of the flyover that fell had been laid as recently as February.
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered an inquiry report in 48 hours and has also directed his deputy Keshav Prasad Maurya and minister Neelkanth Tiwari to visit the spot. "The chief minister has expressed grief and directed the administration to speed up rescue operation," UP minister Sidharth Nath Singh told ANI.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted to say that he has spoken to officials and asked them to ensure all possible help to those affected. "I spoke to UP CM Yogi Adityanath Ji regarding this accident of an under-construction flyover collapse in Varanasi. The UP Government is monitoring the situation very closely and is working on the ground to assist the affected," he said.
The Congress tweeted to say, "We are deeply saddened by the news of the collapse of an under construction flyover in Varanasi. Our thoughts are with the families of those who have lost their lives. We wish those who are injured a speedy recovery."
Former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav appealed to the workers of his Samajwadi Party to assist the rescue teams. He also tweeted, "I hope the government will not just wash their hands off by paying compensation, rather will order a fair investigation."

BJP bagged Karnataka; Congress supported JDS

By on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Sushil Modi: Is Rahul to visit any temple even after defeat?

Sushil Modi, the BJP leader and Dy CM of Bihar, targeted Cong president, Rahul Gandhi after the congress defeat in Karnataka Assembly Election. He asked, “Even after the defeat, will Rahul Gandhi visit to any temple?.” Sushil Modi even said that Karntaka’s people finished the game of Congress. He added that the congress first played Dalit card; then showed Lingayat card for the polarization, but it failed to get any breakthrough.
Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, was in spotlight for his visiting to temple during the Gujarat Assembly Election. During the campaign for the Karnataka Assembly election, he visited the Math and temples and other religious places. He had replied for the question that he has been visiting these places since his 15 years age wherever he went; rather the BJP is not assimilating my visit to temples. However, Congress had to face the defeat in spite of all these.
Meanwhile the BJP leaders met with the state governor, Vajubhai Wala, to claim the BJP led government formation in the state. According to ANI, VS Yedurappa, CM candidate, has said that the governor has said him to prove his party’s majority in Assembly.
 The congress has given it support to JDS unconditionally, which they have accepted. The JDS and the Congress leaders have met with the state governor.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

'Ashoka the Great' stage play review

By on Thursday, May 10, 2018

8th May 2018; Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium Lucknow

photographed by Kshitiz Kant; THE BUNT LINE
Priya Bhatt; Lucknow
Daya Prakash Sinha, retired IAS,wrote this stage play. The most accomplishment of this story was that it neither focused over the trilogy affair of Ashoka's mate characters Tishyarachita and Kunal, nor Ashoka's baptism for Buddha Darm; rather the director Ashok Lal who himself played lead role of Ashoka in this play focused the whole story over the reign of king since he was throned, and then incarcerated.
He is detained in his own house like Shahjahan and Mohd Bin Tuglaq.
Ashoka, unwelcome, went to Patliputra on the behest of Radhagupta, General Secretary of king Bindusar, leaving son and wife in Magadh; declared himself king of state after the death of Bindusar.
photographed by Kshitiz Kant; THE BUNT LINE
He expanded his empire by killing his elder brother, Sushim; and massacred the people of Kalinga state.
It is a legend that king Ashoka was much saddened this aftermath, which entailed him to adopt Buddhdharm.
After a few years, he got ill and was not improving his condition; so Radhagupta calls vaid (Doctor), Chakrpani by a personal contact.
Chakrapani had been much humiliated by other doctors, flatter of king; so he declined the request of Radhagupta; but it was contemplated by Gupt as contempt of king while Chakrpani was abiding his vow which had been pledged earlier.
photographed by Kshitiz Kant; THE BUNT LINE
Chakrpani recommends his sister's daughter, Trisharachita, for caretaking of king under treatment.
Trisharachita who hails from Kalinga begins Ashoka's treatment for the purpose of her avenge which was bickering after killing of her parent.
Ashoka is entrapped under beauty trickery of woman, and proposes her to betroth him.
Trishyarachita ties Ashoka in her nuptial. Tishyarachita abetted the Kunal’s murder. Sagarmatey, a monk, who often visits the king’s court, was a hidden lover of king’s lady retinue, Nandita.
photographed by Kshitiz Kant; THE BUNT LINE

When Trishyarachita came to know of this affair, she controls Sagarmatey by threatening him of dire consequences if he avoids her to inform all the activity of king.
Ashoka, follower of Buddha, kept on spending the treasury of kingdom, which resented the ministers and Radhagupt.
Sagarmatey, meanwhile, betrayed queen Trishyarachita, which caused her conviction of death penalty.
The cabinet decides to remove king from power and kept him under house arrest.
Radhagupt managed Ashoka to let him leave the kingdom, but king denies Radhagupt's plan.
photographed by Kshitiz Kant; THE BUNT LINE
The characters of this play performed better on stage. Specially Tariq who played the role of Radhagupt was excellent and Tanya Suri, who could perform better was given complementary role; no doubt Trishyarachita's role was better, but needs stage diversity in acting style. Ashok Lal's direction and impersonating as Ashoka was appreciable. The review is not worth while unless the play is seen on stage live. Mr Prabhat Kumar Bose and BN Ojha always do the toiling work under Akansha Theatre to prepare a stage play, which is unprecedented to the theater lovers.

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

BJP has dream for Karnataka and country:PM Modi in Karnataka rally

By on Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Economic policies are very important for the people: Dr Manmohan Singh in Karntaka

The former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh called press conference on Monday at Bengaluru, the state capital of Karnataka this week. He slammed the policies of Modi Government during the press conference. Manmohan has said that the country is facing difficult situation. The economy of country is worsening. The banking scams have reached to Rs 1.1 lakh crore.
Former PM has also said that the need of the hour is that we must initiate the talk on new ideas. He has added that we must be careful that the economic policies are very important for the people. The policies of Modi government have much damaged the condition of country. The UPA had maintained development by the growth rate of 7.8% in unlike conditions.
He said that the government took haste decision in implementing of GST, which damaged very much to the small business men. Manmohan said that the policies BJP affected the common people. He  has said the rate of petrol is soaring in the country.
The economist Dr Singh has said the rates of petrol and diesel are still very low in the world, but the rates are soaring in the country.  The government is taking 110% extra on petrol and diesel. He has said the union government has been constantly put the burden of taxes on common people after coming in power.
He has said that the modi government has encashed mere the success of UPA in 4 years of its tenure. He further added that instead of taking correct decision, they noticed only on this point how did the problems run-up?
Manmohan alleged that the GDP in Modi government downed by half of UPA. Moreover swift declination was observed  in the agriculture sector. He has said Bengluru has a separate identity in the world; and the youth from the country comes here for jobs.
It is noticeable that Karnataka is to be polled on 12 th may. The political parties are campaigning fast. The PM Modi talked workers of their BJP youth brigade via NAMO App. Moreover of it PM Modi constantly addressing the state election rallies. The result is to be declared on May 15th in the state.
PM Modi recalled and has said that Veera Madkari and Oneka Obawa have been forgotten; and for the vote bank, they are celebrating the birth anniversary of Sultans. Dalit woman Onek Obawa was the wife of armed personnel in the army of Madkari Nayak last emperor of Chitradurg.
It is said that he had killed down many personnel of Haider Ali Army; eventually Haider’s army killed him.
The Teepu birth anniversary celebration is insulting of Chitradurg people and Karnataka. They played with the sentiments of Chitradurg people. Modi has said in Hubli that BJP has dream for Karnataka and country. He asked the congress what congress thinks about. Their world starts from family and end to family.
He has said, “Congress’s world inherent in dynasty and corruption, and our target is free country from these."

Monday, May 07, 2018

Notorious woman of Pinkcity killed her Tinder friend for ransom money

By on Monday, May 07, 2018

photo source Ral
The police have exposed the mystery of slay body found in a suitcase in Jaipur Rajasthan.
Priya Seth, a notorious woman, has been arrested in the allegation of Dushyant’s murder after the dead body identification.
Police said that the famous crime woman, Priya Seth, was behind this murder.
Police told that Priya Seth is most notorious criminal woman, and she had been arrested in many other sensation cases in the past.
According to the police, Priya Seth has been charged under many cases of blackmailing, loot, prostitution and murder, and understood that  more than 100 victims might have been entrapped under her treachery of beauty.
Priya seth entrapped her client on Tinder App.
The mystery of Dushyant Sharma found dead in the trolley bag has been solved by police, and they disclosed that Priya Seth had entrapped Dushyant Sharma on her beauty deception through her Tinder App dating.
The foul play began here.
The friendship on tinder began into the frequent meeting; consequently, it has accessed into love. Unaware of any endanger, Dushyant was falling in Priya’s trap.
In many attempt, Priya made sexual relations with Dushyant and prepared the video of obscene event.
By this video, Priya began to raise money from Dushyant by blackmailing, and covet for the money was rising day-by-day.
Priya Seth called Dushyant on Wednesday and made him captive with the help of her henchmen.
Priya Seth, by Dushyant’s own cell phone, called the kin and she demanded the ransom money of Rs 10 lakh.
Dushyant’s kin deposited the Rs 3 lakh in the said bank account. Priya Seth withdrew Rs 20000 from the account by ATM; but in the fear of police dragnet she killed Dushyant ruthlessly
They stuffed Dushyant’s body in trolley bag and threw it into lonely place.
Priya carried working as an escort. what is escort services
Working as an Escort - bigger focus on companionship and outings
Men come normally wanting company on an outing. Dinner, event or night out, a weekend away somewhere.
As independent worker, they can tailor the company to the client. I know of one lady who would have her clients favourite wine ready so have a drink before they went out.
The time has a difference in expectation of companionship, regardless of whether sex does or doesn’t happen.
Priya has been arrested in many such cases earlier.
A few months ago, Vaishali nagar police in Rajasthan had arrested Priya Seth for extorting money from a man.
The allegations of police are that Priya carried out Escort Service by her sex working business.
Priya seth was then in the spotlight, when she had  attempted to break the ATM machine intending the purpose of loot; but the police had her arrested in this case.
But she had no remorse or guilty conscious over her conduct; rather coming out from jail she began her online escort service.
Even she had been amassing money by blackmailing of her online service taker clients.
Online chatting was her tact to allure the clients entrapping. She has duped many by escort service.
Dushyant king had registered a case of abduction and ransom's money in Jhotwara police station.
The police with assistance of call details and other technical remedies nabbed the accused before leaving city.
The accused persons have confessed to execute this murder incident during the questioning.

Sunday, May 06, 2018


By on Sunday, May 06, 2018
 MAY DAY ON (1 MAY 2018)
 It was about spring and the end of year 1989 when the government employees were on strike and Mr Jamuna Singh was the then president of my Ministerial Employees Association.
I was appointed as a junior clerck on the compensation ground  at Governmemnt Press Aishbagh Lucknow in April 1989.
My pay scale was 354-550 and I had been paid first of my salary in cash Rs 1125. I was then very please and i enjoyed my salary with my friend Ranjeet Gautam. On pay day we both went to Hajratganj by rickshaw.
 After abiding my two or three months, there usually began to organise gate meetings daily and I was then new comers for this organisation.
Then Indian National Congress led government was ruling in  UP , and Rajeev Gandhi's trust lieutinent, Veer Bahadur Singh, was the chief minister of state.
Daily gate meeting and then ours service seniors'crowd began to go at gate 9 Darulshafa infront of Vidhan Bhawan(State Assembly) and i also joined this culture to look into this freak then.The glimpse of employees on the place apppeared to be closed spread in a vast area that the little space was not spared to stand there comfortably. The overcrowded people's surge were looked on road, shouting slogans- Jindabad and Murdabad...I was much excited.
The leaders of diffrent departments were invited to express their views, but on the stage where the senior leaders' speeches were going on, none of them were allowed more than 2 minutes to address the employees rally.
When the government restricted the strike and   prohibited, the meeting  place had been changed.
Our senior leaders used to hold the meeting at High Court Lucknow premises; and eventually these leaders got their agrreement with the state government that whatever perks would be allowed to the central emplyees would also be stepping up in the pay of UP Government emplyees.
In my reminisence, Mr Lalan Pandey was the leader of UP Federation of Ministerial Service Associations, and in his leadership employees got the new pay scale since 1986.
 My basic pay had been revised in the pay scale of 950-1500. My new salary payment had been 3000+.
while the motive of gate meetings and organised other meetings of Association were unknown to me. I was engage in well dress up, and wander in the market at Hajaratganj -- one thing that  was still with me was my study!
I always tried to buy costly books; actually my most of money was spent for this purpose.
Mr Shyam Singh Rathode  was General Secretary to my Association, and the president , Mr Hari Narain Singh.
I had fervour, and was yearned to do something to achieve the power of Union. Because the seniors looked to be enjoying the office bearers post of the Union.
In the year 1991, I was marrried and the earning from salary was not much enough  that would fullfill the requirement of my family.
 I had been father of a new born baby in year 1992. After this birth, I began to think the future of this new born.
The atmosphere of government press was very tight and the officers pressure over the work was very high.
Now I had well understood my destinny that I had no future except this government job.
In the begining of 1995, the power UP government had come in hand of Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav, leader of Samajwadi party.
In the year 1996, government employees were preparing to go forward to fulfill their demands, so on belief of past achievement they threatened of strike to the government. Chief Minister, Mulayam Singh, was a cleverman and had been friendly advisor to Veer Bahadur Singh former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh during last strike in UP.
Because it had been in rumour during the tennure of late Veer Bahadur Singh that  he did not take any lunch unless Mulayam reached to Mr Singh's office, so Mr Mulayam's cleverness was to be tested in this forth comming strike of enployees.
The strike went on, but there were no signal to hold talk with the government; and on the other hand, the government was trying to raid the house of government employees Union leaders to nab them. In this action of government, our association's president, Mr Hari Narain Singh was jailed.
Other remedies were also used to crack the unity among the fedration's leaders.      The dice of castes and alurement of bribes were used and the strike had completed its 52 days.
One big blow came when secretariate employees union, talked with the government, without taking the confidence of confederation leaders.It was a first vertical division among the striking emplyees, which was being seen to hurt among this unity and their faiths with us.
The bikering of conspiracy emerged into split;and the strike of employees was on the verge of collapse because our real leaders had been cheated.
 One confedration had   been then divided into 5 confederations of employees service associations.
Besides these divisions, the place of gate No. 9  where all the Dharnas and demonstrations were staged  or being organised by the strikers and agrieved persons had come under scanner of government target. The government began to think it to be declared anyhow a prohibited place, but how could it do if it was a public place.
First of step by government under  policy to disposses the public interest was taken when the BSP government came in power. It acquired the places in the state capital to erect a building, statue, and parks. the  land of Darulshafa was acquired to build a hostel, so the land of public Dharna and demonstration had been shrinked, but the road was not closed here.
After the BSP government lose its power of UP in the year 2012, the Akhilesh led Samajwadi Party government took charge of UP, so it also targeted this place and planned to make a Lok Bhawan; resulting consequence was that the public interest was mere inside the state assembly, not in front of it, and the place to Dharna had been shifted to Laxman Mela Maidan. The agrieved demonstrors staged the big dharna at Laxman Maila Maidan Lucknow, and dharna for short period at Gandhi Pratima  Hajaratganj Lucknow.
 how the government could challenge to the agrieved to stop here Dharna now because all the programme had been staging under the lap of our father of nation's statue, Mhatama Ganadhi.
Akhilesh Government lost the power in UP  and the BJP formed its government, but the gauging of all parties, in my concept, look much similllarity except INC.
The government of Uttar Pradesh has banned to stage Dharna at Gandhi Pratima and Laxman Mela Maidan  by imlementing section 144 at these places; and allowed to eco-garden 5 kilometer away from the state assembly.
Mr Lalan Pandey with others have break this implemented law here on 1st of May 2018.
 Rishi Ram Bhatt

The writer is in government press and the president  government press ministerial association Lucknow

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Court sentenced life-term for journalist's murder case

By on Thursday, May 03, 2018

After 7 years of journalist J Dey murder case, MACOCA announcing the decision, convicted life term imprisonment Underworld Don, Chhota Rajan. On Wednesday morning, the court has sentenced 9 accused culprits including Chhota Rajan, and Jigna Vora and Joseph Jonson both journalists have been acquitted. In the court of Sameer Azkar J, the prosecution had said that J Dey's murder was committed on the behest of Chhota Rajan
The journalist, Jyotirmoy Dey was murdered, and during last 7 years, the case was in trial court . Meanwhile Chhota Rajan was arrested from Indonesia, and then the case hearing was frequent. Chhota Rajan’s appearing in Macoca court was confirmed by video live conferencing from Tihar Jail Delhi.
This is the first case when Chhota Rajan has been convicted. After investigation of this case, police had filed charge sheet of 3000 pages, then the charges had been confirmed in this case in year 2016. All the 11 accused were present in Macoca court to hear its decision. Chhota Rajan was linked to this court by video conferencing.
According to the prosecution, Mafia, Chhota Rajan   that J Dey used to write against him, rather wrote glorify the most wanted under world Don Dawood Ibrahim. This is the reason why Chhota Rajan had got JDey murdered. He had hatched conspiracy of murdering. the evidence are some extra judicial confession.
The defense counsel said that the statement of prosecution is false. All the calls were done fake on the name of Chhota Rajan. Chhota Rajan was not aware all these. Actually, the charges against Chhota Rajan are that when the lamentation after the killing of J Dey was going on, Rajan had called via phone  to many news channel offices.
Chhota Rajan had said that he had desired only to intimidate J Dey, not had intention to kill him. the prosecution had presented this as an evidence in the court. Rajan, then in abroad, had hired sharp shooters Satish Kalia and his henchmen. Journalist Jigna Vora had helped Rajan’s henchmen to identify J Dey.
acquitted in this murder case
In press conference after this sensational murder mystery, Mumbai police had disclosed how the culprits used to follow behind J Dey. Media had telecast the CCTV footage. According to the media reports, killers were same who followed J Dey; and eventually they killed J Dey.