'Ashoka the Great' stage play review

8th May 2018; Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium Lucknow

photographed by Kshitiz Kant; THE BUNT LINE
Priya Bhatt; Lucknow
Daya Prakash Sinha, retired IAS,wrote this stage play. The most accomplishment of this story was that it neither focused over the trilogy affair of Ashoka's mate characters Tishyarachita and Kunal, nor Ashoka's baptism for Buddha Darm; rather the director Ashok Lal who himself played lead role of Ashoka in this play focused the whole story over the reign of king since he was throned, and then incarcerated.
He is detained in his own house like Shahjahan and Mohd Bin Tuglaq.
Ashoka, unwelcome, went to Patliputra on the behest of Radhagupta, General Secretary of king Bindusar, leaving son and wife in Magadh; declared himself king of state after the death of Bindusar.
photographed by Kshitiz Kant; THE BUNT LINE
He expanded his empire by killing his elder brother, Sushim; and massacred the people of Kalinga state.
It is a legend that king Ashoka was much saddened this aftermath, which entailed him to adopt Buddhdharm.
After a few years, he got ill and was not improving his condition; so Radhagupta calls vaid (Doctor), Chakrpani by a personal contact.
Chakrapani had been much humiliated by other doctors, flatter of king; so he declined the request of Radhagupta; but it was contemplated by Gupt as contempt of king while Chakrpani was abiding his vow which had been pledged earlier.
photographed by Kshitiz Kant; THE BUNT LINE
Chakrpani recommends his sister's daughter, Trisharachita, for caretaking of king under treatment.
Trisharachita who hails from Kalinga begins Ashoka's treatment for the purpose of her avenge which was bickering after killing of her parent.
Ashoka is entrapped under beauty trickery of woman, and proposes her to betroth him.
Trishyarachita ties Ashoka in her nuptial. Tishyarachita abetted the Kunal’s murder. Sagarmatey, a monk, who often visits the king’s court, was a hidden lover of king’s lady retinue, Nandita.
photographed by Kshitiz Kant; THE BUNT LINE

When Trishyarachita came to know of this affair, she controls Sagarmatey by threatening him of dire consequences if he avoids her to inform all the activity of king.
Ashoka, follower of Buddha, kept on spending the treasury of kingdom, which resented the ministers and Radhagupt.
Sagarmatey, meanwhile, betrayed queen Trishyarachita, which caused her conviction of death penalty.
The cabinet decides to remove king from power and kept him under house arrest.
Radhagupt managed Ashoka to let him leave the kingdom, but king denies Radhagupt's plan.
photographed by Kshitiz Kant; THE BUNT LINE
The characters of this play performed better on stage. Specially Tariq who played the role of Radhagupt was excellent and Tanya Suri, who could perform better was given complementary role; no doubt Trishyarachita's role was better, but needs stage diversity in acting style. Ashok Lal's direction and impersonating as Ashoka was appreciable. The review is not worth while unless the play is seen on stage live. Mr Prabhat Kumar Bose and BN Ojha always do the toiling work under Akansha Theatre to prepare a stage play, which is unprecedented to the theater lovers.

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