BJP bagged Karnataka; Congress supported JDS

Sushil Modi: Is Rahul to visit any temple even after defeat?

Sushil Modi, the BJP leader and Dy CM of Bihar, targeted Cong president, Rahul Gandhi after the congress defeat in Karnataka Assembly Election. He asked, “Even after the defeat, will Rahul Gandhi visit to any temple?.” Sushil Modi even said that Karntaka’s people finished the game of Congress. He added that the congress first played Dalit card; then showed Lingayat card for the polarization, but it failed to get any breakthrough.
Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, was in spotlight for his visiting to temple during the Gujarat Assembly Election. During the campaign for the Karnataka Assembly election, he visited the Math and temples and other religious places. He had replied for the question that he has been visiting these places since his 15 years age wherever he went; rather the BJP is not assimilating my visit to temples. However, Congress had to face the defeat in spite of all these.
Meanwhile the BJP leaders met with the state governor, Vajubhai Wala, to claim the BJP led government formation in the state. According to ANI, VS Yedurappa, CM candidate, has said that the governor has said him to prove his party’s majority in Assembly.
 The congress has given it support to JDS unconditionally, which they have accepted. The JDS and the Congress leaders have met with the state governor.

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