BJP has dream for Karnataka and country:PM Modi in Karnataka rally

Economic policies are very important for the people: Dr Manmohan Singh in Karntaka

The former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh called press conference on Monday at Bengaluru, the state capital of Karnataka this week. He slammed the policies of Modi Government during the press conference. Manmohan has said that the country is facing difficult situation. The economy of country is worsening. The banking scams have reached to Rs 1.1 lakh crore.
Former PM has also said that the need of the hour is that we must initiate the talk on new ideas. He has added that we must be careful that the economic policies are very important for the people. The policies of Modi government have much damaged the condition of country. The UPA had maintained development by the growth rate of 7.8% in unlike conditions.
He said that the government took haste decision in implementing of GST, which damaged very much to the small business men. Manmohan said that the policies BJP affected the common people. He  has said the rate of petrol is soaring in the country.
The economist Dr Singh has said the rates of petrol and diesel are still very low in the world, but the rates are soaring in the country.  The government is taking 110% extra on petrol and diesel. He has said the union government has been constantly put the burden of taxes on common people after coming in power.
He has said that the modi government has encashed mere the success of UPA in 4 years of its tenure. He further added that instead of taking correct decision, they noticed only on this point how did the problems run-up?
Manmohan alleged that the GDP in Modi government downed by half of UPA. Moreover swift declination was observed  in the agriculture sector. He has said Bengluru has a separate identity in the world; and the youth from the country comes here for jobs.
It is noticeable that Karnataka is to be polled on 12 th may. The political parties are campaigning fast. The PM Modi talked workers of their BJP youth brigade via NAMO App. Moreover of it PM Modi constantly addressing the state election rallies. The result is to be declared on May 15th in the state.
PM Modi recalled and has said that Veera Madkari and Oneka Obawa have been forgotten; and for the vote bank, they are celebrating the birth anniversary of Sultans. Dalit woman Onek Obawa was the wife of armed personnel in the army of Madkari Nayak last emperor of Chitradurg.
It is said that he had killed down many personnel of Haider Ali Army; eventually Haider’s army killed him.
The Teepu birth anniversary celebration is insulting of Chitradurg people and Karnataka. They played with the sentiments of Chitradurg people. Modi has said in Hubli that BJP has dream for Karnataka and country. He asked the congress what congress thinks about. Their world starts from family and end to family.
He has said, “Congress’s world inherent in dynasty and corruption, and our target is free country from these."

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