Court sentenced life-term for journalist's murder case

After 7 years of journalist J Dey murder case, MACOCA announcing the decision, convicted life term imprisonment Underworld Don, Chhota Rajan. On Wednesday morning, the court has sentenced 9 accused culprits including Chhota Rajan, and Jigna Vora and Joseph Jonson both journalists have been acquitted. In the court of Sameer Azkar J, the prosecution had said that J Dey's murder was committed on the behest of Chhota Rajan
The journalist, Jyotirmoy Dey was murdered, and during last 7 years, the case was in trial court . Meanwhile Chhota Rajan was arrested from Indonesia, and then the case hearing was frequent. Chhota Rajan’s appearing in Macoca court was confirmed by video live conferencing from Tihar Jail Delhi.
This is the first case when Chhota Rajan has been convicted. After investigation of this case, police had filed charge sheet of 3000 pages, then the charges had been confirmed in this case in year 2016. All the 11 accused were present in Macoca court to hear its decision. Chhota Rajan was linked to this court by video conferencing.
According to the prosecution, Mafia, Chhota Rajan   that J Dey used to write against him, rather wrote glorify the most wanted under world Don Dawood Ibrahim. This is the reason why Chhota Rajan had got JDey murdered. He had hatched conspiracy of murdering. the evidence are some extra judicial confession.
The defense counsel said that the statement of prosecution is false. All the calls were done fake on the name of Chhota Rajan. Chhota Rajan was not aware all these. Actually, the charges against Chhota Rajan are that when the lamentation after the killing of J Dey was going on, Rajan had called via phone  to many news channel offices.
Chhota Rajan had said that he had desired only to intimidate J Dey, not had intention to kill him. the prosecution had presented this as an evidence in the court. Rajan, then in abroad, had hired sharp shooters Satish Kalia and his henchmen. Journalist Jigna Vora had helped Rajan’s henchmen to identify J Dey.
acquitted in this murder case
In press conference after this sensational murder mystery, Mumbai police had disclosed how the culprits used to follow behind J Dey. Media had telecast the CCTV footage. According to the media reports, killers were same who followed J Dey; and eventually they killed J Dey.

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