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The BJP is still toiling to prove it majority in Assembly. Congress and JDS both parties are also trying to have their MLA unite, but how long will they be able to do so is not clear.
Congress MLA, Anand Singh, has left the party. He has communicated about his resignation to the party. It is clear that if he has resigned, it will tend to help BJP to prove its majority.
Now the congress and the JDS both parties head can shift the MLAs somewhere else from Bengluru tonight. The JDS MLAs are stayed at Shangri-la hotel and Congress MLAs will stay in Crown plaza hotel
Asenior leader of congress said, "Where the MLAs will halt shall be decided in the meeting to be held at 8 PM". He said that the MLAs can be carried either to Andhra Pradesh, Vshakhapatnam, Punjab, and Kocchi or President house new Delhi.
The MLAs of Congress Party are in Ellington resort at Bengluru. 2-3 MLAs have left the party so far. Where the resort is situated, the officers have been changed. Even Yedurappa Government has transferred the SP of district Ram Nagar.
Many political events happened after the declaration of Assembly election results in Karnatka. Nomatter, on Wednesday night, while hearing  the apex court denied to stay to the swearing-in of BSYedurrappa, but the court was not satisfied with the argument of the BJP.
Congress knocked the Supreme Court's door on Wednesday midnight for this matter when the governor Vajubhaivala sent invitation to the BJP to form the government in Karnataka. The counsel of Congress and the counsels of Government both side argued whole night. The triple judges bench heard the case from both side and then predawn announced the judgment that BSYedurappa will take oath
The case was heard by the bench of Justice Ashok Bhushan, Justice Arjan Kumar Sikari and Justice Sharad Arvind Bobde. Additional Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta and Attorney General, KK Venugopal appeared on behalf of Union Government. Former Attorney General, Mukul Rohatgi, appeared for the BJP and Manu Singhavi appeared for Congress.
The counsel for Union Government contended before the Apex Court that  the Anti defection law is not applicable  to the  newly MLAs for Karntaka Assembly because they do not have their oaths so far.
This argument was dubbed 'rubbish' and the court said, “ It means to invite the MLAs for the purpose of horse trading.”
Abhishekh Manu Singhvi contended before the Apex Court that the BJP cannot claim its majority unless it promotes the defection among the MLAs.
The court has said that the matter will be seen under Anti-defection Law.
KK Venugopal said that it is no compulsory that so be it.  If a member joins other party, the defection is said then. Unless the MLAs take oath of his post, the Anti-defection Law cannot be applicable over them.
Supreme Court denied the stay of swearing in ceremony of BSYedurrappa, but the bench was not satisfied with the argument. After hearing the argument, the court posed questioned, “Whether you mean that the MLAs can follow the defection process before the oath.” The court was wondered over the BJP’s achieving the majority figure of 112.
Abhishek Manu Singhvi stressed, “The governor cannot deny the democracy…. on the first side 104 members exist and on the other, 116… it is comprehensible, which figure is bigger?” how Yedurappa is claiming more than half of MLAs are supporting. Court said that it had not seen the letter of support entrusted to governor, but to call Yedurappa for the government formation is not correct under the current mathematical calculation.

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