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ALOK CHATERJEE AND RASHMI MAJUMDAR as Ganpat Rao Welvalkar, Natsamrat, and Kavery respectively at Sangeet Naty Academy Sant Gadge Auditorium Lucknow on May 24 this week -- photo by Kshitiz Kant, THE BUNT LINE

Natsamrat, Yes, it is the story of a stage play actor who had been a main actor in every of hundred plays; consequently, he was bestowed the title of Natsamrat on stage; then he took his superannuation from the world of play.
A fatigue man goes upstairs of stage; appears in front of the raising curtain; and offers the flowers of worship on it, disguising himself in the wrapped Saries.
This man wears black cap in his head, Nehru style; begins his conversation with the convincing audience while introducing his family members or other stage players.
The story begins with the dispensing of his accumulated meager cash he earned during his many stage plays.
As he handed over his Rs 40000 to his son and gives the cheque to his son-in-law for his Germany visit; his wife, Sarkar, says premonition that let the man may assign his all assets to his beloved and close one dearest, but never hands over his own mat beneath wherever he sat.
Play plot is based upon the story written by VV Shirvadkar; the director of this play was Jayant Deshmukh; and it was first in Lucknow on invitation by Rang Pakhi organization dedicated to the stage play. The story was translated from Marathi to Hindi by Sachchida Nand Joshi.
Alok Chaterjee was in role above 60,played his vital acting role as Ganpat Rao Welvalkar. His soliloquies on stage in pitch voice were attracting every audience. The estimation of touch to heart could be reckoned on the clapping of presence repeatedly.
The lethargic walk on stage with his old age wife, named Sarkar, impersonated like very emergence of reality.
Kavery Welvalkar (Rashmi Majumdar), in wife role, was in her complementary with her husband; and the reality of stage was like at an actual performance.
The son Nandan, Harsh Mishr, was most obedient of his parent, but his daughter Laddo (Angel), approached to Ganpat Rao to share her pleasure story of school event where a VIP guest had talked with this girl on her stage performance and asked about her training man who had given her; she replied him -- by Ganpat Rao Welvalkar! Natsamrat.
The autolatry guestman who well acquainted with NatSamrat says to the girl: “say  my respectful gratitude and compliment to Walvelkar ji.”
Capricious Walvelkar, as he had pledged to this girl to act an abusive scene, and he starts in high voice his verses; his daughter- in-law, without knowing the event, intercepted Walvelkar and began to insult him absurdly speaking filthy talks.
 Sarda (Priyanka Garg), played her daughter in law role excellent.
The saddened by Sarda’s behavior,  both Kavery and Walvelkar leave their home and were assured of better days with her daughter, Nalini(Anjali Singh).they go to her home.
They live at her home for a few months; then Walvelkar is suspected that the money saved in the cupboard was stolen, which shocks Kavery and she dies of heartfell. Natsamrat leaves her daughter's home in the resent and grief and began to wandering on road as a vagabond.
Raja (Ansh Payan Sinha), played role as street tea seller, gives shelter to Walvelkar.
Walvelkar’s daughter and son both eventually search him through Vithobaa and request to return with them, but Walvelkar dismisses their rights of carrying him back and dies on the stage.
The play is based on the story of present scenario of behaviors among the culture, which has detached them from their reverence to their elders, but this story’s message is now secondary; first is the play characters who had no retake performed this play flawlessly on stage of Sangeet Natak Academy at Sant Gadge Auditorium Lucknow this week on May 24.

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