Notorious woman of Pinkcity killed her Tinder friend for ransom money

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The police have exposed the mystery of slay body found in a suitcase in Jaipur Rajasthan.
Priya Seth, a notorious woman, has been arrested in the allegation of Dushyant’s murder after the dead body identification.
Police said that the famous crime woman, Priya Seth, was behind this murder.
Police told that Priya Seth is most notorious criminal woman, and she had been arrested in many other sensation cases in the past.
According to the police, Priya Seth has been charged under many cases of blackmailing, loot, prostitution and murder, and understood that  more than 100 victims might have been entrapped under her treachery of beauty.
Priya seth entrapped her client on Tinder App.
The mystery of Dushyant Sharma found dead in the trolley bag has been solved by police, and they disclosed that Priya Seth had entrapped Dushyant Sharma on her beauty deception through her Tinder App dating.
The foul play began here.
The friendship on tinder began into the frequent meeting; consequently, it has accessed into love. Unaware of any endanger, Dushyant was falling in Priya’s trap.
In many attempt, Priya made sexual relations with Dushyant and prepared the video of obscene event.
By this video, Priya began to raise money from Dushyant by blackmailing, and covet for the money was rising day-by-day.
Priya Seth called Dushyant on Wednesday and made him captive with the help of her henchmen.
Priya Seth, by Dushyant’s own cell phone, called the kin and she demanded the ransom money of Rs 10 lakh.
Dushyant’s kin deposited the Rs 3 lakh in the said bank account. Priya Seth withdrew Rs 20000 from the account by ATM; but in the fear of police dragnet she killed Dushyant ruthlessly
They stuffed Dushyant’s body in trolley bag and threw it into lonely place.
Priya carried working as an escort. what is escort services
Working as an Escort - bigger focus on companionship and outings
Men come normally wanting company on an outing. Dinner, event or night out, a weekend away somewhere.
As independent worker, they can tailor the company to the client. I know of one lady who would have her clients favourite wine ready so have a drink before they went out.
The time has a difference in expectation of companionship, regardless of whether sex does or doesn’t happen.
Priya has been arrested in many such cases earlier.
A few months ago, Vaishali nagar police in Rajasthan had arrested Priya Seth for extorting money from a man.
The allegations of police are that Priya carried out Escort Service by her sex working business.
Priya seth was then in the spotlight, when she had  attempted to break the ATM machine intending the purpose of loot; but the police had her arrested in this case.
But she had no remorse or guilty conscious over her conduct; rather coming out from jail she began her online escort service.
Even she had been amassing money by blackmailing of her online service taker clients.
Online chatting was her tact to allure the clients entrapping. She has duped many by escort service.
Dushyant king had registered a case of abduction and ransom's money in Jhotwara police station.
The police with assistance of call details and other technical remedies nabbed the accused before leaving city.
The accused persons have confessed to execute this murder incident during the questioning.

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