TAFWA staged Dharna against BNA director; serious corruption charges voiced up

Theatre and Film Welfare Association UP on Monday organised a Dharna at Sardar Patel Statue GPO park Lucknow in protest against the corruption committed in Bhartendu Natya Academy.

Mr Dabir Siddiqui, association secretary, alleged that Mr Ramesh Chandra Gupta, director (Acting) BNA, has duped the funds allotted by government for the purpose of BNA activities.
He talked about the deteriorating condition of this institute, said the government must consider about the removal of Mr Gupta. He alleged Mr Gupta, during his two years tenure, has set-aside all the rules and regulations applicable, and has been siphoning off the funds by misappropriation.
In this connection, BNA Employees Association has sent a memorandum alleging an embezzlement of two crore fund.
He said the employees who opposed him are either punished so far, or are indulged in this corruption by compromise. The atmosphere in BNA is fully under fear, and none can dare to speak against Mr Gupta.
Mr Rajveer Ratan, patron and senior reviewer, said, “Where the director of an institute is tyrant and corrupt, how can be expected to make that institute better? He demanded an FIR against the corrupt officer.”
Mr Manoj Kumar Sharma, a guest faculty trainer and aggrieved of intimidation, has claimed, “Mr Ramesh Chandra Gupta has threatened me to cause death or grievous hurt, and I went police station Gomti Nagar to lodge an FIR against Mr Gupta where police registered the NCR only; and I am here in this Dharna for my protection. He added that Gupta can manage my killing."
Mr Ramesh Chandra Gupta was contacted via telephone. He told on phone that Mr Dabir Siddqui had approached him in office earlier with a man fair complexion and asked Mr Gupta that he could mange this uproar to pacify if he would have a deal with the man to manage the media.
He said, "Dabir is a blackmailer and why should I be fearsome if I am correct in my work.... whether the government remove or allow..., it’s government discretion. He also told about Mr Manoj Sharma that he is a follower of a few men who have intention to uproot me from this post. He added that Dharna was a part of orchestrated campaign carried out for my removal"

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