Two suicide attacks killed 31 people in Afghanistan; coverage caused death of journalists

31 people including 10 journalists in two suicidal attacks were killed in Kabul, national capital of Afganistan. According to report, the second consecutive explosion was then took place when the people were engage in rescue work of those who had been victim of first explosion. More than 40 people have been reported to be injured in this attack.
The Health Minister of Afganistan has confirmed the death of 31 people and the injured were rushed to the hospital. The panic at the incident spot created for a while. The investigation team of administration has reached to the spot and began the investigation although none has claimed the responsibility behind this attack.
10 journalists in this explosion have died; Mr Jaan Aga told that the second blast took place exactly after the first one. Many police officers have sustained injuries in this attack. The police chief Kabul told that where the attack took place is the hub of many foreign offices.
Vazir Akbar Khan, the director of hospital, told that the injured are being treated in hospital. According to the ambulance service chief, Mohhamad Aseem, the injured were being rushed them to hospital, then another explosion took place in this aftermath.
It is noticeable that the 6 suicidal attacks have taken place in Afghanistan within last 15 days. 60 people were killed in a week ago bomb explosion, and 129 were injured.

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