Two hotels in Lucknow gutted into fire; 5 killed, 15 injured

Damage of assets is to be assessed and investigation is continued

Horrific fire caught in two hotels situated at the overcrowded area Lucknow a few yard away from Charbagh railway station on Tuesday early morning. The casualties of 5 persons have been reported and 15 are seriously injured; the trapped victims of fire were rescued and rushed to nearby Civil Hospital, but the death toll may rise.
The fire engulfed in the premises of SSJ International hotel and into adjacent hotel Virat International where the whole valuables, the stuffs of hotel and the luggage of stayed men-- all ruined and gutted into the fire and turned to the ash. The leakage in the LPG inside the kitchen is told the cause of rapidly spreading this fire.
The Police Recruitment Board competitive examination held in the city and the candidates' presence and their stay cannot be denied with the other normal tourists and outsiders who come to visit with the business purpose.
The spot where the incident has taken place is at the walking steps of railway and bus station; so the overcrowded visitors for next day in the city, and then the damage inside the hotels at the hours of people’s sleep when the fire caught, cannot be assessed lesser.
A tourist told to pressmen, "We heard a loud explosion-like sound in the morning and when we came out, there was fire and smoke everywhere. Nobody was there to guide us. We managed to get out by ourselves. No one from the hotel staff was present."
“According to eye-witnesses, the flames and smoke were first seen at around 5:30 am. The police got information around 6:05 am.”
According to official statement, the prima facie facts reveal that the fire started from the basement of SSJ International Bar and Hotel due to short circuit and spread to other floors and the adjacent building, which houses another hotel. Within minutes, Hotel Viraat International was also up in flames.
Five people have died and more than 50 people were rescued from the building. Cause of fire is yet to be ascertained. If we find any lapse on hotel's part during our investigation, we will take strict action against the people concerned," said IG Lucknow S Pandey.

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