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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Pakistan's new democracy with many challenges

By on Sunday, July 29, 2018

Kshitiz Kant
Immediately after creating the separate state of Pakistan, founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah realized the harm of founding the nation on the tenets of Islam and warned the countrymen about it. One cannot build modern secular nation on the theocratic foundation. In his inaugural address as Head of State to the people of Pakistan, Mr Jinnah said “You may belong to any religion, caste or creed. That has nothing to do with the business of the state. If this idea was kept in mind, Hindus would cease to be Hindus and Muslims would cease to be Muslims not in the religious sense but in political sense as citizens of the state.” But it was like locking the stable after the fleeing of the horse.
The former cricketer, Imran Khan, after winning the general election in Pak politics 22 years of his struggle, is going to form new government. In his maiden speech to the nation he repeated the challenges said:
I pay my gratitude our Baloch brothers who joined this general election. The people of Pakistan must unite at this juncture.
My 22 years struggle emerged as a hope; gave me the chance to serve the nation
I am going to build a humanitarian Pakistan; the nation shall be like Medina.
The identity of country is by some rich person; rather the country is to be identified how much poor community is in happiness.
There will be policies of weaker sections' elevation; the work for the farmers and labourers shall be prime object to this government.
45% children are malnourish. 2.5 crore children are deprived from schools; the mortality of women has increased because of no proper treatment during child birth. We will change this situation; and will have the provision of clean water.
We have to learn from China which had got 70 crore people overcome from poverty within 3 years. How had China taken strong step on corruption to improve the condition of poor to eliminate the poverty? 400 Ministers have been arrested in 4 years.
It is first ever government which is intending to maintain the rule of law. There shall be no discrimination between poor and rich, who will break the law, shall be punished. The law shall maintain equality. The government and its ministers shall be accountable to their responsibilities.
The corruption has gutted the country like cancer. The governance system shall be rectified.
The economy is big challenge. The depreciation of Rupee is continued. Such slump in values of  Rupees than Dollors was never seen. The country is under debt. This happened because of not being done work under planning.
We will prepare a better atmosphere for business purpose. We will negotiate with Pak NRI to invest in Pakistan. They did not invest so far because of corruption.
Investors either are going to China or Dubai, not here; so there has been much unemployment here.
We will rule in such way as have never before done and this will take start itself. We will begin in simple way.
Rulers spend money for their highnesses…; spends for their visits; wrong utilization of fund is the reason why people don’t give the taxes.
I shall save the fund of common people. Our government will decide what have to do the PM's house. There will be tried a school to be built. I shall stay in a small house; our ministers will make their houses a hotel.
We have to overcome from economic crises. The business communities’ meets will chalk out plan. The tax system is to be improved. There is to be decrease in unemployment. The funds shall be spent on the human and skill development.
Foreign policy is a challenge. There is need of peace in Pakistan. There is need to reform our neighboring relation. There shall be strong relation with China.
Afghanis are much aggrieved with the Jehad. There is much need of peace to Afghanistan -- we need too! They have open frontiers.
There has been one sided relation with USA so far; now there is need of balance a relationship.
We will help to Saudi Arabia because they are always with us.
Sorry to hear that Indian Media propagandized me as a Bollywood villain. If we have to eliminate the poverty, we have to come close for trade and commerce.
There is big issue of Kashmir where the human rights are being violated. The people are facing since long. We will try to solve the matter. We will refrain from accusing each other.
If India is ready, we are ready to talk. If India goes ahead one step, we assure to move two steps ahead. There has been heretofore blame-game at all. We will solve the matter with talk.
We will initiate such system that will provide the chance of investment. We had built cancer hospital, the fund for it was given by you…; 70% treatment is free. We built university in the rural.
In case there has been any bungling in the election, we will set an inquiry. The election is unbiased. There have never been so many participants.
The Islamic glue is a big issue today in Pakistan which is big hurdle to keep the people of Pakistan together. If Islamic glue could unite all the Muslims, the Muslims of Arab world having common religion and language, would have formed one nation and would not have been divided into 2 dozen of countries.
Will these elections be a harbinger of political stability or will this be a short-lived experiment toward a mid-term election? Will the military establishment be happy letting the PTI rule over the Centre, KP and Punjab? And how will the other parties conduct themselves vis-à-vis the PTI?
It is widely believed that election outcomes are always pre-determined, and the victor always has the blessings of the country’s military establishment in Pakistan. Clearly though, there was something else working for Imran.
Pre-poll help aside, the voting itself appears to have been clean as was evident from the number of establishment favourites who lost. On the other hand, two leaders of the leftist, anti-establishment Pashtun Tahafuz Movement won from South Waziristan.
The two religious parties, Jamiat-e-Ulema Islami and Jamat-e-Islami, performed miserably. The Tehreek-e-Labbaik, an extremist group led by the cleric Khadim Hussain Rizvi, and Hafiz Saeed’s Allah-o-Akbar Tehreek, a front of the Jamat-ud-Dawa/Lashkar-e-Taiba, also failed to win a single seat. Aurangzeb Farooqi, a UN-designated terrorist of the Ahle Wal Sunnah Jamaat, was defeated by a woman candidate of the PTI.
The Pakistani Human Rights Commission concerns about flaws in the pre-voting electoral process is that it placed the constraints on freedoms of expression and association during the campaign period that were at odds with Pakistani authorities’ stated goal of a fully fair and transparent election.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres “looks forward” to the formation of a new government in Pakistan and stressed the UN’s commitment to support Pakistan’s Election commission amid claims by a group of political parties of vote rigging.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Government step to ban polythene is hallmark decision toward Pollution free state: Dr Jagdish Gandhi, founder CMS

By on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Lucknow, July 24 : Students of City Montessori School, Jopling Road Campus played a unique 'Nukkad Natak' to highlight the harmful effects of polythene at the entrance gate of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Gardens, Lucknow on Tuesday this week.
Actually government of Uttar Pradesh has issued a notification to ban polythene bags use in the state. The government is intending to make pollution Free State by taking such decisions.
In the presence of Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development, UP, Mr Suresh Khanna; Dr Indra Mani Trapathi, Municipal Commissioner, Lucknow; Mr R K Singh, Director, Zoological Garden; Dr Jagdish Gandhi, renowned educationist and Founder, CMS; Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, President, CMS and many more dignataries, the students sent the strong message of polythene ban by the state government right across to the masses.
    Speaking on this occasion, Mr Suresh Khanna, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development, UP, praised the efforts and motivated the CMS students and inspired them to continue doing the same.
    He said the step of presenting ‘Nukkad Natak’ by these students is unique and exemplary. He further called upon the public to use cloth bags, no polythene in day to day life. A little innitiative can prevent big mishaps, he said.
 The state government’s step to ban on polythene use is in public interest, he said. It will not only make the environment clean and pure; but also stop various other kinds of pollution.
Earlier, the students awared the people with the endangering harm to life caused by the use of polythene through posters and banners and even sang songs about calling upon the people to stop its usages.
 They showed concern for the harm caused by plastics, polythene and thermocol polybags, cups, plates, tumblers, which not only spread dirt and pollution but also cause harm to the environment.
Nukkad Natak comprised Sarah Habib, Arnav Sharma, Sharmishtha Shivhare, Hasnain Khan, Pushkar Awasthi, Khushi Kaushal, Vansh Awasthi, Aanjaney Singh, Samriddh, Ashmit -- all CMS students withMr Suresh Khanna, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development, UP 
        The CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, said on this occasion that by banning polythene, the State Government valued the life of commons taking preventive measures to control the pollution…, and we all welcome it solemnly. We support the government’s decision.
 Dr Gandhi added the CMS students have launched a campaign to get rid of plastic wastage and the general public should support them. This move of students is bound to be successful and bring about positive changes in society. Students in all campuses of CMS have affirmed to give up use of polythene in support of polythene ban.
         Principal of CMS Jopling Road, Mrs Roli Tripathi said this unique Nukkad Natak by CMS Jopling Road Campus students will go a long way in making society aware of the harmful effects of polythene. CMS is not only known for academic excellence but also for socially useful activities and it strictly obeys the instructions of the government.
She asserted the CMS is committed to make students and youth aware of the environmental problems.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Digvijay Singh is to surrender; Shivraj asserted him traitor

By on Monday, July 23, 2018

The BJP in Madhya Pradesh is continued its campaign for the next assembly election in the state. Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Chief Minister of state, in his speech during campaign ‘Jan Ashirvad Yatra’ in Vindhya, has said Digvijay Singh, former Chief Minister of State, a traitor.
The matter is in spotlight since then. Mr Digvijay Singh has taken it seriously and has said in a letter sent to Mr Shivraj Singh ‘if he is a traitor, he must be prosecuted; so he is to surrender before police TT Nagar on July 26th.”
Mr Digvijay Singh has written in his letter to Shivraj Singh, “You claim me a traitor… you are holding state CM’s post… so to maintain the sovereignty, unity and integrity of country within the periphery of state is your constitutional duty… the sedition is a serious charge… being a former CM of state, I beg you not to take any betrayal  incident of country lightly.”
He added in a two page letter, “You have taken oath under constitution… May there be any hurdle to abide with the law, but I follow this swear of law… so to maintain the unity and integrity of country Bharat Mata… I have ensured to surrender myself before the law. I am going to surrender at Bhopal TT Nagar police station on 26th July."

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Honorable pension reduced half; released after poet's death

By on Sunday, July 22, 2018

The government of Uttar Pradesh has changed Yash Bharti pensioners' rule. The income tax payers, government employees, pensioners shall not be eligible to obtain Yash Bharti benefits. Mere the residents of Uttar Pradesh shall be considered to be eligible for these benefits.
 The state government is intending to pay mere Rs 25000 per month to the honorable men now; while the amount was being paid earlier Rs 50000 per month. The pension shall not be sanctioned to the income tax payers, government employees and of any pensioners.
Yogi’s government has issued a notification 2018 with immediate effect regarding the reduce in the elites pension which was being paid Rs 50000 under the notification 2015 issued by earlier government.
The principal secretary, Sanskrti Vibhag, Mr Jitendra Kumar, has issued the notification for this purpose says: who are the resident of Uttar Pradesh and have worked here shall be considered under eligibility criterion of this pension.
The pensioners shall have to submit their lives certificate to the department.  In the chairmanship of director Sanskriti, a five members committee has been constituted to scrutinize the income of beneficiaries and it shall approve the pension.
The pension can be stopped without giving the so- cause notice to the beneficiaries. The pension shall be stopped in case if found the beneficiaries’ indulgence in crime of or sentence in criminal case.
The sole power has been conferred to revise the rule of notification the Chief Minister of state.
Yash Bharti pension payment began after the death of Gopal Das Neeraj, a Hindi Poet and lyricist
Padm Bhushan, Padm Shree, and Yash Bharti prestigious award achiever, Gopal Das Neeraj, who visited to Lucknow to meet with Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath for the purpose to get released the pension, shall now be paid after his death.
He visited the city on June 25 last month; met with and begged to the chief minister to release the pension to Yash Bharti felicitated persons. That the Yas Bharti pension Rs 50000 per month had begun during the tenure of Samajwadi party government was stopped in the BJP regime.
The BJP government contended that there were many ineligible persons taking this benefit; so an enquiry was to be set up.

Friday, July 13, 2018


By on Friday, July 13, 2018

Kalpesh Yagnik, group editor Dainik Bhaskar, died in cardiac arrest at his Indore office late evening on Thursday. At the hour of his office working he suffered a severe heart attack; consequently all the efforts of doctors to save Yagnik's life were futile.
According to report, as he suffred the stroke, the staff rushed him Bombay hospital where he was treated till 3 hours, but the efforts proved futile – no improvement was observed in his deteriorating condition.
According to Doctors, he suffered another stroke during the treatement. He was declared dead next morning at 2 a.m.
He had joined Dainik Bhaskar in 1998. Yagnik was wellknown speaker and renowned journalist. His writes-up were his identity; his writings on the sensitive matters of country were unbiased and fearless. His column ‘Asambhav Ke Viruddh’ (Against impossible) had been always in spotlight

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Murder in UP jail executed by pistol

By on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Munna Bajrangi killed in Bagpat jail

Mafia Don, Munna Bajrangi, has been murdered under judicial custody in Bagpat district jail on Monday this week. Munna was a recorded historysheeter criminal of Eastern UP, many cases of heinous crimes had been registered against him in Varanasi. On the other hand the historysheeter’s wife, Seema Singh, had alleged that STF was looking for execution of Bajrangi's murder 10 days ago.
Seema Singh, after the execution of this murder, has alleged the involvement of Mr. Manoj Sinha, Union Minister for Railway, and Mr Dhananjay Singh, former MP, including other high profile leaders of government for hatching conspiracy in this murder case.
According to Seema Singh, The lead of this murder story is that the former MP, Dhananjay Singh, Manoj Sinha, the Union Minister for Railway, Alka Rai, BJP MLA and the wife of former MLA, Krishnananad Rai with others -- all had hatched the conspiracy of this murder. She added she will carry the body to Lucknow after postmortem to hold a Dharna at the chief minister’s office. These person were not interested to let my husband join the politics. She has added that she is not aware of bounty given by someone to Sunil Rathi.
Seema said that many attacks over my husband had been tried and its complaint we had forwarded on behalf of my hubby to many government agencies, but none took it seriously. What happened here was already in my conscience. Munna’s wife, alleging STF for encounter, had made a call CM for security; and later no avail, she approached high court where the court has directed to Jhansi jail authority not to shift into other jail her husband till further order.
It is very noticeable that Muuna Bajrangi, the close aide of Mukhtar Ansari, was shifted from Jhanshi to Bagpat jail on Sunday, and he was killed in jail on Monday morning. He would have appeared before court in the case of ransom demand by the former BSP MLA, Lokesh Dixit that he was killed.
The judicial inquiry has been set up. Police statement is that Sunil Rathi killed Bajrangi on Monday morning. 4 jail officials including staff have been suspended.
Whether the STF was in hunt for Munna Bajrangi or High profile leaders were intending to eliminate him? in both conditions the murder was executed in judicial custody. While the murder in jail reveals that there was already bickering of some foul play because Sunil Rathi was aware of Munna’s arrival to jail, and the weapon in jail cannot be said it was mere a part of jail authorities' abetment.

Monday, July 09, 2018


By on Monday, July 09, 2018
A man saved 26 teenage girls who were boarded on train had been suspected to be trapped of human trafficking. On 5th of July this week, Mr Adarsh Srivastav saw some girls were in fidget during their journey on Muzzafarpur-Bandra bound, Awadh express. He tweeted for their help on his post related to human trafficking.
Railway police force got this tip came in action immediately. In general uniform they also boarded on the train at Kaptanganj railway station in UP, and reached to these girls.
The policemen watched their activities closely up to Gorakhpur railway station, and then got down them safely here by arresting two other travelling suspects.
Railway police has issued a statement, ‘the saved girls are the resident of West Champaran in Bihar. They were being carried from Narkatiyaganj to Iedgah. They all are teenage and have been handed over to Bal Kalyan Samiti (Child Welfare Committee). The two suspects, aged 22 and 55, have been arrested.
Police have begun its investigation assuming it a matter of human trafficking including other motives after registering FIR.

Monday, July 02, 2018

Death toll in Nainidanda accident rises to 48; 11 injured rushed hospital

By on Monday, July 02, 2018

The death toll rises to 48 in a bus accident at Uttarakhand on Sunday morning. When it was running from Bhaun to Ramnagar, the driver lost his control over the bus; the accident took place, and it plunged into 200 feet deep ditch of surrounding hills.
The local administration claimed that the most were the local travelers in this accident, but how many ill-fate victims were boarded on this 28 sitting private bus is yet to be ascertained.
Police commissioner Garhwal, Dilip Jawalkar, told, “The rescue operation is continued at the incident spot. 11 injured have been admitted to hospital and the casualties is 48. The death count may increase.”
According to media, “NDRF has reached to the spot. The ditch is about 200 feet deep. The rescue operation is facing hurdle of spot depth.” 
Mr Trivendra Rawat, CM Uttrakhand, expressed his grief to the kin of deceased in this accident and announced ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakh each to the next kin of deceased and Rs 50 thousand to the injured.