Government step to ban polythene is hallmark decision toward Pollution free state: Dr Jagdish Gandhi, founder CMS

Lucknow, July 24 : Students of City Montessori School, Jopling Road Campus played a unique 'Nukkad Natak' to highlight the harmful effects of polythene at the entrance gate of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah Zoological Gardens, Lucknow on Tuesday this week.
Actually government of Uttar Pradesh has issued a notification to ban polythene bags use in the state. The government is intending to make pollution Free State by taking such decisions.
In the presence of Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development, UP, Mr Suresh Khanna; Dr Indra Mani Trapathi, Municipal Commissioner, Lucknow; Mr R K Singh, Director, Zoological Garden; Dr Jagdish Gandhi, renowned educationist and Founder, CMS; Prof. Geeta Gandhi Kingdon, President, CMS and many more dignataries, the students sent the strong message of polythene ban by the state government right across to the masses.
    Speaking on this occasion, Mr Suresh Khanna, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development, UP, praised the efforts and motivated the CMS students and inspired them to continue doing the same.
    He said the step of presenting ‘Nukkad Natak’ by these students is unique and exemplary. He further called upon the public to use cloth bags, no polythene in day to day life. A little innitiative can prevent big mishaps, he said.
 The state government’s step to ban on polythene use is in public interest, he said. It will not only make the environment clean and pure; but also stop various other kinds of pollution.
Earlier, the students awared the people with the endangering harm to life caused by the use of polythene through posters and banners and even sang songs about calling upon the people to stop its usages.
 They showed concern for the harm caused by plastics, polythene and thermocol polybags, cups, plates, tumblers, which not only spread dirt and pollution but also cause harm to the environment.
Nukkad Natak comprised Sarah Habib, Arnav Sharma, Sharmishtha Shivhare, Hasnain Khan, Pushkar Awasthi, Khushi Kaushal, Vansh Awasthi, Aanjaney Singh, Samriddh, Ashmit -- all CMS students withMr Suresh Khanna, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development, UP 
        The CMS Founder, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, said on this occasion that by banning polythene, the State Government valued the life of commons taking preventive measures to control the pollution…, and we all welcome it solemnly. We support the government’s decision.
 Dr Gandhi added the CMS students have launched a campaign to get rid of plastic wastage and the general public should support them. This move of students is bound to be successful and bring about positive changes in society. Students in all campuses of CMS have affirmed to give up use of polythene in support of polythene ban.
         Principal of CMS Jopling Road, Mrs Roli Tripathi said this unique Nukkad Natak by CMS Jopling Road Campus students will go a long way in making society aware of the harmful effects of polythene. CMS is not only known for academic excellence but also for socially useful activities and it strictly obeys the instructions of the government.
She asserted the CMS is committed to make students and youth aware of the environmental problems.

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