Apathy in maintenance of public road in Western UP angered people

Anant Kumar; Meerut
Now a report  through media came in spotlight that the worsening condition of roads in Merrut city of Western Uttar Pradesh are in public resentment  and the people to wake the administration of UP have sowed the paddies in these poteholes.
The people’s complaint redressal had not been taken in cognizance for care of roads by provincial maintenance division of PWD, so the local residents had tired of this weathered road that they did this conduct.
The local residents’ resentment portrayed banner of pics of MP, Rajendra Agarwal, and MLA, Satya Prakash Agrawal that had writes-up of 'slogan' ‘We are the big duds, Crop is yours and watering is mine’

The BJP government in its manifesto had promised of potehole free roads in the state. Yogi’s government claims to keep-up its promise which they had vowed in the electoral days, but that the paddy in the road potehole is the mirror to the state government claims some different situation of public resentment in the area.
The local social worker, Dushyant Rohata says, “We have represented ours problem with application to the local MP and MLA, but they did not heed on our request.”
Another person, Pramod Kumar, told that this road has been eroded for the past two years and has claimed lives during the rainy days.”
Mr Rajendra Agarwal,MP, has said, “I’m aware of the people’s problem, they have right to protest… I shall say nothing against them.” He added that the fund for the road has been released, but some departmental complications have resulted non-maintenance of the roads.
The UP PWD has been on target since this government took power last year after defeating Samajwadi Party government. The maintenance funds of many state departments’building have not been released for the Financial Years 2018-19 so the care services have been forbidden by the maintenance division of PWD.
An officer of PWD told to media (on non-disclosure of name): Many projects of original works prepared by PWD have been handed over to the outsider agencies is also the reason of apathy in confidence of officers to the maintenance work of this department.
What had this government promised and had been directed by CM Yogi to the officers then.
Additional Chief Secretary of UP PWD, Sadakant, had asserted,  “The idea is that any person who enters UP after June should feel that he has a motorable road to drive smoothly. It is a massive exercise, but we will be doing a complete ‘kayakalp’ of roads in UP as per the directives of the CM. We have decided that all this renovation will happen under the surveillance of cameras and a public representatives will monitor the work. Quality will be assured along with transparency.”

It is worth mentioning that the PWD department had to handle nearly 2.1 lakh km of roads in UP and since Adityanath had fixed a deadline of June 15, 2017 to ensure that no roads in the state should have poteholes, the department under deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya had worked tirelessly to identify nearly 60,000 km of roads that had failed the test.

It could be recalled that in his election speeches in UP, PM Modi had attacked the SP government for building the Agra-Lucknow expressway, but leaving the state’s other roads in pitiable condition, making commuters spend long hours traversing them.
Mere one year of its tenure and the maintenance of poteholes unearth the reality of works which were actually done or the work is still going on pending under government’s fake claim of maintenance.

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