Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee died

 Great grief condoled by Nation
I... write and efface on head of time! 

ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE, 93, former Prime Minister, lost his battle of life in AIIMS in New Delhi on Thursday evening this week.
Late-Atal Ji, origin of Bateshwar village in Agra district of UP and born in 1924 at Gwalior, was a journalist in his initial stage. He had a vent of poetry that emerged his identity among the people of India.
The youngesters used to take parts eagerly in these Arya Kumar Sabha's meetings then. In those days, the youth wing of Arya Kumar Sabha was in flourishing, which was working to develop character base paradigm in the youths. The meetings for this purpose were organized in every week at many villages and towns.
It was the year of 1939 when young Atal went to participate with his friends in the Arya Kumar Sabha’s weekend meeting held at Gwalior on a Sunday. The meeting began and 15 years old Atal drew attention of Bhudev Shastri, senior worker of Sabha within a few minutes.
Atal’s eloquence attracted this man and that time he resolved that the boy must be in Sangh. Exactly after the meeting ended; Bhudev Shastri approached to Atal.
He asked, “What do you do in evening? Atal Ji replied, “No more special.” He further asked, “Why don't you join in the branch of Sangh at evening?” He joined Sangh.
It was the period when he was in his beginning of politics and he was to address a public meeting of Jansangh at Mumbai in 1953, he saw during his dress-up that his two Kurtas sustained a puncture of  the two spots respectively; one in sleeve, another in collar. He had mere two Kurtas at Mumbai, which sustained the puncture on the two spots. His acumen worked and he wore a jacket over it. None could have detect about his Kurta.
After the emergency, Morar Ji Desai  formed his government in 1977 and Atal Bihari Bajpai became Foreign Minister.
After taking charge of his office, when he went there, he found that something was absent there on the wall.
Bajpai said with his secretary that there was a picture of Pt Nehru on the wall. He said, "I have come to this office in many occasion. Where is it now?"
It was assumed that when a non-congress government was formed, the officers were thinking then that the new foreign minister from Jan Sangh would never like the pic of Nehru, so it was removed to please him.
Exactly after it, he had directed the officers of foreign ministry to peg again that picture on the wall earliest.
 Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee died after a prolonged illness. 93 years old former PM was admitted in AIIMS New Delhi for the past few days; where he breathed his last.
Since long time, he was suffering by the age factor chronic disease. He had lost his memory and ability to talk. That the eloquence rich leader’s life shall face such end may have seldom or never thought anybody.

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