Restriction on Media reporting of girls rape case by HC Patna is criticised

Editors Guild of India, an Association of Media Organizations, has criticised the decision of High Court Patna's forbiddance on reporting in the matter of rape in Girls Home in Muzzafferpur. The Editors Guild has appealed to the chief Justice of HC and Supreme Court to review the decision.

Editors Guild has said, instead of securing the freedom of Media, the decision of High Court is hampering the work of Media. According to PTI, in a statement issued from Editors Guild, it has been said, "The restriction on reporting of the public related matters always results adversely. Such decisions weak the fourth pillar of democracy."
On last Thursday, Patna HC had expressed its concerned over, saying on the matter of rape in Girls Shelter Home in Muzzafferpur, how the facts link to the investigation of CBI were in access to the media. HC Patna had restricted the publishing and the broadcast of facts related to this matter during the investigation.
The sexual exploitation case of Girls shelter home was surfaced in month of May this year after the investigation of Police. The matter of sexual exploitation of dozen of Girls, and six of this disappearance, from this home during the year 2013 to 18 were in spotlight. After the initial inquiry of Police, the matter was handed over to CBI. The Girls who were living here recently have been sent in other shelter home.

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