Simultaneous poll of federal and states is possible: Amit Shah to Law Commission

Mr Amit Shah, BJP National president  and Mr  Chandra Shekhar Rao,TRS Chief and CM of Telangana  file photo                                     

It may be a coincidence or that this matter may be of affinity of each other is possible. The matter is of Parliamentary and Assembly elections to be held simultaneously.

According to report the BJP led Union Government and the TRS, both have indicated same signals on this issue.

According to media report, Mr. Amit Shah, the BJP president, has sent his reply to the law commission.

He said, ”The concept of parliamentary and the state assembly elections is not a blank new. This principle had been in practice in the past, and it may be applicable in future.”

He rejected the protesting and the argument of opposition parties against this concept.

He said, this will strengthen the set up of Union of this Country; not will weaken it; as is constantly being argued against this concept.

Shah says in his 8 page letter to the chairman Law commission,Mr BS Chauhan, that this argument is incorrect that, if the parliamentary and the state elections both are held simultaneously, the national parties will be gainer.

 In contrary he put the examples of 1980’s election and said that at the time the assembly election of Karnataka and parliamentary election both were held together, but the Congress had secured the parliamentary election; while the JDS was the winner in the assembly election.

Meanwhile, the TRS, ruling party of Telangana, called a meeting of its office bearers on Monday this week, and the chief of this party and the CM of Telangana, Mr. Chandra Shekhar Rao, has signaled the premature election in the state.

He said to media, “The election commission can hold a election six months ahead of, or later the ending of tenure -- this cannot be said early!"

The report says that KCR has also directed his party members for the preparation of Assembly election. The search of winning candidates has begun in this preparation process.

It is notacible, Madhya Pradesh, Rajsthan, Mizoram – all these states are to go under Assembly Elections in coming December, and the report says that TRS is also keen for the state assembly election to be held in Telangana with these states.

The Modi Government is to hpold a talk the other parties on this issue. A ccording to this information the all parties meeting are to organise early.

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