Unemployment is big crisis in country: Rahul Gandhi says in LSE

Rahul Gandhi, president INC, targeted the BJP and the RSS saying that the people support the leaders like American President, D Trump, and the PM, Narendra Modi, so because they are in resentment by seeing no growth in employments.
Speaking to the Indian Journalist Union he has said that these leaders abet the situation in their favour instead of solving this problem and are damaging to the country.
 Rahul said on Saturday this week that the unemployment is a big crisis in India and the government of India is not interested to accept it.
In a prestigious London School of Economics he said during in a Press Conference china generates 50000 employments per day while India generates 450 employments per day. It is a calamity.
Rahul Gandhi said, “I did not see economy, sociology and politics apart. It was an activity which works together. 100 years of this process in India has changed 1.3 billion people.”
Speaking on employment he said, “There is a big problem of unemployment in India and government is not accepting it. Where the Chinese government is giving employment 50000 per day, our government is providing only 450 placements in a day. It is like a calamity. The unemployment is big crisis in the country and we have to accept it first, but government is not accepting it."

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