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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Adultery-homosexuality is not offence, why is triple Talaq?: Owaisi

By on Saturday, September 29, 2018

All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) president and Lok Sabha MP, Asaduddin Owaisi, has made a big comment over the adultery law decision by Supreme Court on Thursday this week.
Owaisi said: first section 377 and now section 497 has been termed non-offence, where the triple Talaq is an offence. Owaisi said, how is this a justice of yours? my dear friends!  Now what is to do BJP?
Owaisi said on triple Talaq, "Assuming the triple Talaq an offence is wrong because Nikah under Islam is a contract. Our society is male powered. Who will help the women? When the husband is in jail, why should the wife wait for him? The apex court has never termed Triple Talaq unconstitutional."
Owaisi has said that the ordinance on Triple Talaq is against the Muslim women. Even as Owaisi told this decision that it was against the fundamental right of equality.
The introduced ordinance by Modi's cabinet was opposed together even he said that the marriage is a civil contract under Islam and the exercising criminal procedure into it is absolutely wrong.
Owaisi has demanded from the government to bring a law, instead of criminalization of triple Talaq law, for those 24 lakhs married women whom their husbands have left them.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Situation in old Lucknow is tense after Muharram procession

By on Saturday, September 22, 2018
Shiite community after procession walking on street at Akbari Gate in Lucknow on Friday evening: photo by Kshitiz Kant

A man of Shiite community in the crowd was trekking toward clock tower that he came in touch of body of a man of Sunnat community when this man was passing on road at Akbari Gate area in Lucknow Friday evening.

 This touch of body turned into a quarrel; two communities’ people began to gather there and in the meantime the normal situation in the area that was to turn into violent was controlled by the force present there.
The local police, the Rapid Action Force, and the PAC personnel have been deployed at every nooks and corners of the old city of Lucknow by the Local Administration to complete peacefully the people's flagellating by the hands on their chests carrying the procession of Tazias in the wake of Muharram .
According to the report, the men of Shiite community were going towards the clock tower. The place Akbarig Gate is Sunnat majority area and is the main passage of people to exit.
The deployed force by dispersing the crowd have enforced them to be remained into their homes and have restricted them to go on road till normalise the situation.
The situation of Akbari Gate area in the old city of Lucknow is tense, and the force to maintain the law and order here in the area are alert for any incident.
On telephone, the in-charge Chowk police station told this correspondent the situation at Akbari Gate and the adjoining area is normal. No untoward incident has been reported till uploading this report.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

owners of schools on papers duped Rupees one crore

By on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The owners of many schools on papers in city of Meerut and Etawah in UP have embezzled about one crore Rupees of students scholarship.
According to the report, economic offence wing of UP Police told that the 87 of the 118 schools were not found in existence and 31 schools’authorities have claimed scholarship of fake students in numbers.
Mr Rajendra Pal, DG economic offence, told that 20 schools are being investigated in Meerut. He added that many more schools are under scanner of inquiry. The numbers of primary and intermediates colleges are high in this involvement.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Non-finance-aided teachers stage Dharna

By on Friday, September 14, 2018

Intermediate Non-finance-aided Teachers Mahasabha Dharna was continued on consecutive 7th days at Eco-garden Lucknow. The Dharna was held by the teachers working under Varanasi division on Friday afternoon.
Mr Umesh Dubedi,the state president, said,  "Yogi Aditya Nath,UP CM, not only 3 lakhs non-finance-aided teachers; but also whole teachers’ community was insulted. He added, "The fire of insult shall be keep on in the inner of these teachers agitating unless Yogi gives back the right of teachers with appolozise."
The teachers’ Mahasabha shall communicate by organizing the protest rallies in 75 districts of the state, said Sanjey Kumar Mishra… this will tarnish the image of government and its responsibility goes to CM Yogi.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Selected candidates staged Dharna outside UP SSSC office

By on Thursday, September 13, 2018

... were shouting slogans... Issue appointment letters!

The candidates were staging Dharna at UP SSSC office, PICUP building, Lucknow on Thursday afternoon this week. They were shouting slogans against the delay in recommendation of 186 of the 2942 candidates who had appeared  for the posts of Village development officers in 2016 exam conducted by UP SSSC.
One of the candidates told to Pressmen Times that the 70, ex-army personnel and 116, faulty documents candidates’ result were withheld. According to the information, their eligibility and documents verification have been completed on September 11, but the letter to the government for the posting is delayed, which dejected us on the apathy of commission’s officers for doing so.
One more candidate said, “Why should we not be resented? 2942 candidates had been selected and 186 of these were withheld for the purpose of eligibility screening. The procedure has been completed and yet to wait for appointment after abiding two tough years is spoiling our future.”

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Pro-BJP footpath betel sellers frustrated with paying of hushmoney

By on Sunday, September 09, 2018
The BJP pro footpath betel sellers gathered outside home of a local BJP leader Rajeev Mishra’s house in Lucknow on Saturday this week. These people were demanding to stop the atrocities of Asgar Ali Khan, an officer (department is unknown), who is enforcing the government directions over these sellers.
They met with the Municipal Commissioner Lucknow, Dr Indramani Tripathi, who has convinced these aggrieved people that he did not placed any enforcement order. They also met with the SSP Lucknow who also denied that his officers are enforcing them.
These aggrieved people have alleged that the officer, on the name of checking, is  taking the perquisite money and tormenting them. The goods in the shop are being confiscated. The orgy of this action is continued in the Transgomti area.
He appealed to Union Home Minister and MP from Lucknow Mr Raj Nath Singh that they are afraid of the shop closure that will push them on starvation verge.

On other hand, the BJP led state government in Uttar Pradesh has issued a government order No 397/6-pu-15-2017 dated November 14, 2017 from state Home Department.
The order clearly says: 'enforce ban on cigarette and tobacco'. The government has restricted the selling of cigarettes openly with out warning “injurious for health” and the police have been expected a help to enforce this restriction so that the compliance shall be followed.
The copies of this government order have been forwarded to all the higher officers of the state. This restriction came in effect under Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 section 18(c) which has directed police to restrict the selling of cigarette and tobacco produces.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Hollywood's Veteran Actor Burt Renolds died

By on Saturday, September 08, 2018

Popular Hollywood Actor, Burt Renolds, 82, died in cardiac-arrest on Thursday.
He got fame for his acting in Smokey and the Bandit and Boogie Nights and the actors and actresses of film industry condoled on his death.
Burton Leon “Burt” Reynolds Jr. was an American actor, director and producer. He first rose to prominence starring in television series such as Gunsmoke, Hawk, and Dan August. His breakout film role was as Lewis Medlock in Deliverance.
Hollywood celebs have expressed their grief on Social Media. He was recognized as sex symbol in Hollywood. He tried even in the field of film direction moreover acting.
He had founded Burt Renolds Institute for Film and Theatre in Florida. Renolds had worked for TV Show and films till a few years ago of his death.
Burt Renolds had worked in all gener of action and comedy films. David Dilbek's role in Striptease, released in 1996, got big fame. However, this film flopped on box office, but he was appreciated for his comedy timing.

Friday, September 07, 2018

All India employees, labourers and farmers stage Dharna on parliament street

By on Friday, September 07, 2018

Attending the called rally by thousands of labourers and farmers even government employees unions at New Delhi (Jantar Mantar), I began to hit the key board of my laptop to compile the report what I had seen among the crowd people with the red -flags, red-caps and the men and the women in white-caps with the captiion of old pension restoration a day after my return on Wednesday this week.
They all were shouting slogans in different local languages, but were being seen their devotion of their arrival at the national capital of the country.  The street was filled with the crowd, but after walking a short distance the crowd was sat on road and was hearing the speech of their leaders.
The scene is from the road exactly beside Jantar-Mantar.This can be easly guessed how these people would have started their journey while they were already aware of difficulties which they had to face in National Capital. Really they could not use the public toilet without paying except Gurudwara Bangala Shahib where Langar, drinking water, Bathrooms services are free. If you are interested, you may donate, or it is your will.
One of the leaders on stage was addressing this crowd: “Is Ram Mandir the real problem? Is Gau Raksha the main issue? Is becoming a Hindu Rashtra our main concern? No... .Our main concern is minimum wages and minimum support price which our workers and farmers respectively earn anyhow for their livelihood in the hardship of soaring price."
Why they were gathered in this rally was reason of non-implementation of Swaminathan report for MSP. Sukhvinder, a farmer from Punjab, said, “The union government in its manifesto in 2014 had said that Swaminathan report submitted in 2006 shall be implented, but there is no sign of it. Achhe Din in speech was a Jumla mere.
Surjan Ram, farmer from Haryana Sonipat sugarcane, millet, maize grower, said, "i sell my produce in Mandi, but have n ever got MSP. The smaller farmers condition is worsen when they take loans and stock their produce in search of MSP; they have to sell their produce in cheaper rate to middlemen eventually.

Women crowd of Aganwadi employees, Asha workers and midday meal cooks were demanding the hike in wages. One of these Anganwadi workers from Assam said, “ We get paid just Rs 1000 in a month – which is far less than the colleagues earn in other state while we work for 6 hours daily in a month. The wages of two months when the schools are closed for summer and winter vacations are not paid.”
Suman Lata Kamble, from Nagpur, said, “Our working condition are worse than that of Anganwadi workers. “We are on duty 24/7 as a child delivery can happen any time. We also care the ill people suffering from tuberculosis, but our wages are paid Rs 500-1000 in a month.”

Mr SP Singh, leader of UPFMSA, said, “We work for 30 to 40 years of government services and help to implement the policies of government, but after the superannuation we get the retirement from services. While during our old age we get infirmity, how will we be able to make our life secure in meager pension under NPS.”

Mr Kamlesh Misra, president of Ministerial Federation of Service Associations UP, said, "The amount which was recovered from the salary of every government employees every month under NPS exactly after implementing this scheme has no detail of account; while the next kin of employees who died in service under this scheme are wandering to get the payment. The MLAs or the MPs whether they worked for a day merely, they are paid the pension during the whole life. While the life of employees who devote themselves serving the nation shall be paid pension under NPS that is sure shall not help enough the employees or their kins after their retirement or death. Our demand is to restore the old pension system."

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Seven Years imprisonment in Myanmar for two Reuters journalists

By on Tuesday, September 04, 2018
UN and European Union asked immediate release of both journalists

The two Reuters journalists in Myanmar court have been sentenced 7 years imprisionment in the country’s secrecy violation case. Nam Wa Lone, 32, and Kyaw Soe Oo,28, both were charged of taking the secret documents violating country's secrecy law.
These journalists had been arrested on December 12 last year when they were investigating the murders of 10 Rohingyas Muslims and the crime committed by the police and the Army in Rakhain territory of Myanmar. The government of Myanmar kept on refusing the committed such crime, but after the arrest the government had accepted that the Army had killed 10 of Rohingyas males including youth in the village.
Dan Chugg, British Ambassdor, has expressed a disappointment over the decision of Myanmar court. UN, Europian Union, and the countries like America, Canada, and Australia have asked the Myanmar government to release immediately these journalists.
Stephen J Edler, Reuters’ Editor, said, “ It is a bad day for Myanmar, Wa Lon and Kyo So O, Reuters’ journalists and for presses.” Where the punished journalist, Wa lon said that he did nothing wrong and he felt no fear. Lon said, “I rely upon justice, freedom and democracy.”
Before being arrested by the other officers, two police officers had entrusted these documents them in a restaurant, both journalists had stated before the court during the hearing of this case.
The police officers had added in response that it was their plan to catch the journalists. It was a trap against the journalists to stop the reporting of Rohingya Muslims massacre.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

CPM leader joined BJP in Tripura

By on Sunday, September 02, 2018
The former MLA, Communist Party(Marx), in Tripura, Mr Bishwajeet Dutta, embraced the ruling state party BJP. Whether it should be assumed here that the line of action of BJP is fully democratic where Mr Dutta has relied upon... and the fight of communist views are futile in his observation, or Mr Dutta should be understood ambitious man. Anyway it is to be examined how and why these Left and Right-wings' hand and friendship are together.
According to media, he took the BJP membership in the presence of Sunil Deodhar, incharge of Tripura and National Secretary on Friday evening. Mr Dutta had left the Left in April 2018.
Perhaps in the 54 years of his sacrifice Mr Dutta turned in new direction assuming his penance futile eventually. Although whatever he had the  appetite of politics to gain in Red is able to find in saffron.
Mr Dutta,68, was in Communist Party(Marx) since the year 1964. Taking the membership of the BJP, he alleged serious charges the CPM is a corrupt and criminal party. He claimed that a conspiracy had been hatched against him before the 18th February’s Assembly poll in the state. He was forced to be admitted in hospital, so that he could not go in election frey… then his seat was allotted to other member of the party. Mr Dutta also claimed allegedly that this conspiracy was backed by party.
The former deputy speaker Tripura Assembly and CPM leader, Mr Pabitra Kar on Saturday, has given clarification in the context of allegations by Mr Dutta. He said, ‘Everybody knows that Mr Bishwajeet Dutta was ill and his condition had deteriorated then. How could an ill-man have been in the election frey ?” Any way that the BJP has accepted Bishwajeet Dutta’s health condition fit had he joined the party.