All India employees, labourers and farmers stage Dharna on parliament street


Attending the called rally by thousands of labourers and farmers even government employees unions at New Delhi (Jantar Mantar), I began to hit the key board of my laptop to compile the report what I had seen among the crowd people with the red -flags, red-caps and the men and the women in white-caps with the captiion of old pension restoration a day after my return on Wednesday this week.
They all were shouting slogans in different local languages, but were being seen their devotion of their arrival at the national capital of the country.  The street was filled with the crowd, but after walking a short distance the crowd was sat on road and was hearing the speech of their leaders.
The scene is from the road exactly beside Jantar-Mantar.This can be easly guessed how these people would have started their journey while they were already aware of difficulties which they had to face in National Capital. Really they could not use the public toilet without paying except Gurudwara Bangala Shahib where Langar, drinking water, Bathrooms services are free. If you are interested, you may donate, or it is your will.
One of the leaders on stage was addressing this crowd: “Is Ram Mandir the real problem? Is Gau Raksha the main issue? Is becoming a Hindu Rashtra our main concern? No... .Our main concern is minimum wages and minimum support price which our workers and farmers respectively earn anyhow for their livelihood in the hardship of soaring price."
Why they were gathered in this rally was reason of non-implementation of Swaminathan report for MSP. Sukhvinder, a farmer from Punjab, said, “The union government in its manifesto in 2014 had said that Swaminathan report submitted in 2006 shall be implented, but there is no sign of it. Achhe Din in speech was a Jumla mere.
Surjan Ram, farmer from Haryana Sonipat sugarcane, millet, maize grower, said, "i sell my produce in Mandi, but have n ever got MSP. The smaller farmers condition is worsen when they take loans and stock their produce in search of MSP; they have to sell their produce in cheaper rate to middlemen eventually.

Women crowd of Aganwadi employees, Asha workers and midday meal cooks were demanding the hike in wages. One of these Anganwadi workers from Assam said, “ We get paid just Rs 1000 in a month – which is far less than the colleagues earn in other state while we work for 6 hours daily in a month. The wages of two months when the schools are closed for summer and winter vacations are not paid.”
Suman Lata Kamble, from Nagpur, said, “Our working condition are worse than that of Anganwadi workers. “We are on duty 24/7 as a child delivery can happen any time. We also care the ill people suffering from tuberculosis, but our wages are paid Rs 500-1000 in a month.”

Mr SP Singh, leader of UPFMSA, said, “We work for 30 to 40 years of government services and help to implement the policies of government, but after the superannuation we get the retirement from services. While during our old age we get infirmity, how will we be able to make our life secure in meager pension under NPS.”

Mr Kamlesh Misra, president of Ministerial Federation of Service Associations UP, said, "The amount which was recovered from the salary of every government employees every month under NPS exactly after implementing this scheme has no detail of account; while the next kin of employees who died in service under this scheme are wandering to get the payment. The MLAs or the MPs whether they worked for a day merely, they are paid the pension during the whole life. While the life of employees who devote themselves serving the nation shall be paid pension under NPS that is sure shall not help enough the employees or their kins after their retirement or death. Our demand is to restore the old pension system."

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