CPM leader joined BJP in Tripura

The former MLA, Communist Party(Marx), in Tripura, Mr Bishwajeet Dutta, embraced the ruling state party BJP. Whether it should be assumed here that the line of action of BJP is fully democratic where Mr Dutta has relied upon... and the fight of communist views are futile in his observation, or Mr Dutta should be understood ambitious man. Anyway it is to be examined how and why these Left and Right-wings' hand and friendship are together.
According to media, he took the BJP membership in the presence of Sunil Deodhar, incharge of Tripura and National Secretary on Friday evening. Mr Dutta had left the Left in April 2018.
Perhaps in the 54 years of his sacrifice Mr Dutta turned in new direction assuming his penance futile eventually. Although whatever he had the  appetite of politics to gain in Red is able to find in saffron.
Mr Dutta,68, was in Communist Party(Marx) since the year 1964. Taking the membership of the BJP, he alleged serious charges the CPM is a corrupt and criminal party. He claimed that a conspiracy had been hatched against him before the 18th February’s Assembly poll in the state. He was forced to be admitted in hospital, so that he could not go in election frey… then his seat was allotted to other member of the party. Mr Dutta also claimed allegedly that this conspiracy was backed by party.
The former deputy speaker Tripura Assembly and CPM leader, Mr Pabitra Kar on Saturday, has given clarification in the context of allegations by Mr Dutta. He said, ‘Everybody knows that Mr Bishwajeet Dutta was ill and his condition had deteriorated then. How could an ill-man have been in the election frey ?” Any way that the BJP has accepted Bishwajeet Dutta’s health condition fit had he joined the party.

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