Non-finance-aided teachers stage Dharna

Intermediate Non-finance-aided Teachers Mahasabha Dharna was continued on consecutive 7th days at Eco-garden Lucknow. The Dharna was held by the teachers working under Varanasi division on Friday afternoon.
Mr Umesh Dubedi,the state president, said,  "Yogi Aditya Nath,UP CM, not only 3 lakhs non-finance-aided teachers; but also whole teachers’ community was insulted. He added, "The fire of insult shall be keep on in the inner of these teachers agitating unless Yogi gives back the right of teachers with appolozise."
The teachers’ Mahasabha shall communicate by organizing the protest rallies in 75 districts of the state, said Sanjey Kumar Mishra… this will tarnish the image of government and its responsibility goes to CM Yogi.

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