Pro-BJP footpath betel sellers frustrated with paying of hushmoney

The BJP pro footpath betel sellers gathered outside home of a local BJP leader Rajeev Mishra’s house in Lucknow on Saturday this week. These people were demanding to stop the atrocities of Asgar Ali Khan, an officer (department is unknown), who is enforcing the government directions over these sellers.
They met with the Municipal Commissioner Lucknow, Dr Indramani Tripathi, who has convinced these aggrieved people that he did not placed any enforcement order. They also met with the SSP Lucknow who also denied that his officers are enforcing them.
These aggrieved people have alleged that the officer, on the name of checking, is  taking the perquisite money and tormenting them. The goods in the shop are being confiscated. The orgy of this action is continued in the Transgomti area.
He appealed to Union Home Minister and MP from Lucknow Mr Raj Nath Singh that they are afraid of the shop closure that will push them on starvation verge.

On other hand, the BJP led state government in Uttar Pradesh has issued a government order No 397/6-pu-15-2017 dated November 14, 2017 from state Home Department.
The order clearly says: 'enforce ban on cigarette and tobacco'. The government has restricted the selling of cigarettes openly with out warning “injurious for health” and the police have been expected a help to enforce this restriction so that the compliance shall be followed.
The copies of this government order have been forwarded to all the higher officers of the state. This restriction came in effect under Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 section 18(c) which has directed police to restrict the selling of cigarette and tobacco produces.

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