Situation in old Lucknow is tense after Muharram procession

Shiite community after procession walking on street at Akbari Gate in Lucknow on Friday evening: photo by Kshitiz Kant

A man of Shiite community in the crowd was trekking toward clock tower that he came in touch of body of a man of Sunnat community when this man was passing on road at Akbari Gate area in Lucknow Friday evening.

 This touch of body turned into a quarrel; two communities’ people began to gather there and in the meantime the normal situation in the area that was to turn into violent was controlled by the force present there.
The local police, the Rapid Action Force, and the PAC personnel have been deployed at every nooks and corners of the old city of Lucknow by the Local Administration to complete peacefully the people's flagellating by the hands on their chests carrying the procession of Tazias in the wake of Muharram .
According to the report, the men of Shiite community were going towards the clock tower. The place Akbarig Gate is Sunnat majority area and is the main passage of people to exit.
The deployed force by dispersing the crowd have enforced them to be remained into their homes and have restricted them to go on road till normalise the situation.
The situation of Akbari Gate area in the old city of Lucknow is tense, and the force to maintain the law and order here in the area are alert for any incident.
On telephone, the in-charge Chowk police station told this correspondent the situation at Akbari Gate and the adjoining area is normal. No untoward incident has been reported till uploading this report.

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