Dussehra in Punjab left condolence -- to state; to country!

Running train kills more than 50 Dussehra fair crowd in Amritsar
Shukhveer Aluwalia; Amritsar
On the occasion of Dussehra, the celebration of Ravana effigy burning near the railway track at Zoda crossing in Amritsar Punjab was going on suddenly it turned into grief atmosphere on Friday evening.
More than 50 people have been killed when a huge crowd was the spectators of the burning effigy of Ravana which turned into intense flames – and the crowd retreated; tried to escape themselves narrowly spill away from the spot towards the railway track; meanwhile Jalandhar Express ran into the crowd.
The Train was in speed, and the spectators of this celebration came into the trap of this fatal accident on Friday this week in Amritsar.
Atleast 50 people have been killed in this fatal accident. According to report, on the occasion an effigy of Ravana was being burnt to celebrate the fair of Dussehra near the Railway track at Zoda crossing.
Those who had to be returned would never be come back; and those who are safe are preparing for funeral; those who had to carry milk for their children are seeking bamboo for pallbearing. The mothers are in stir to search their children whom they were waiting. The shrouds to wrap, the wood to burn and the places to put the bodies of their beloved one are lacking.
The eye witness says that it is a very strange accident -- and it is not an accident rather a murder. Several questions are here to be posed which have had no answer. Who is responsible for this accident is to find in this question?
1- How the Ravana effigy burning fair was allowed near the Railway track?
2. Why didn't maintained the needful security measures in this fair by the local administration.
3. Why didn't the DM order to the railway to run slow train?
4. Why didn't the management of fair communicate instruction to the people not to cross the railway track?
5. Why didn't the Police ensure the security measures before managing this fair? The people of country need the answer of these questions, but all these questions are being subsided in the frame of investigation now. The Chief Minister of Punjab Captain, Amrinder Singh, has announced Rupee 5 Lakh ex-gratia to teh next kin of the deceased of this accident and ordered an inquiry.
The effigy laden with crackers began to burst and the intense fire turn into high flame, the spectators went over the railway track and a few of them were already bystanders there.  

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